How To Read RecentChanges


RecentChanges is the primary tool for regular visitors to see what's currently going on in Sensei's Tournament Library.

In order to get most out of this list this description tells you how to read this list.

An example of RecentChanges might look like this:

July 29, 2001

Every entry consists of the pagename, information whether this page is new or if it has changed, and information about the author.

If you click on the pagename you will be taken to that page.

The next information is about whether the page has been newly created or whether it has changed. An example for a new page is the entry for MinorEdit above.

If the page has changed you will see a diff link and a number. By clicking on the diff link you are shown what has changed on that page. Note: you see the page as raw text and not in the usual wiki layout. This feature is intended for regular visitors. It is much easier to follow a discussion on a long page when only looking at what has changed on that page.

The number after the diff link shows how the total linecount of the page has changed. In the above example PlayingRoom grew by 4 lines. Note: this tells you nothing about how many lines have been edited - e.g. 5 lines could have been deleted, 9 newly added, and 20 changed: this would still produce [+4] change in linecount.

The last entry is information about the author. Some people identify themselves with a name such as ArnoHollosi above, others with a pseudonym such as SGBailey above, others don't such as in the entry for WhatToDoIfYourOpponentFailsToArrive. What is recorded for everyone is their IP-number. This is the internet network number of the computer they are using. Although, it is not directly possible to identify people by their IP-number it does not give full anonymity either (regulars might even be identified by their IP-number). The IP-number is there in order to know who to blame if something bad happens. Sensei's Tournament Library does not provide complete anonymous access.

That's all you should need to know in order to read RecentChanges effectively.

See also: HowToUseWiki, UserPreferences, MinorEdit

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