Text Formatting Rules



  • Don't indent paragraphs.
  • Words wrap and fill as needed.
  • Use blank lines as separators.
  • ---- Four or more minus signs make a horizontal rule.
  • %%% makes a linebreak (in headings and lists too).
    • %%%% makes a "clear=all" linebreak, forcing text below a diagram.
  • Indent with one or more ">"
  • In order to use preformatted text use "space" as the first character of a line (monospace font):
This is preformatted text using a monospace font.

This is not.

This is a level 1 indentation.

And this is a level 2 indentation.


  • * at the start of a line for first level
  • ** for second level, etc.
  • Use * for bullet lists, # for numbered lists (mix at will)
  • ;Term:def Definition for definition lists
  • One line for each item
  • Other leading whitespace signals preformatted text, changes font.


  • '====' at the start of a line makes a small heading.
  • '===' at the start of a line makes a medium heading.
  • '==' at the start of a line makes a large heading.


  • Use doubled single-quotes ('') for emphasis (italics).
  • Use doubled underscore (__) for strong emphasis (bold).
  • Emphasis can be used multiple times within a line, but cannot cross line boundaries.

References (Links)

  • Hyperlinks to other pages can be made by JoinCapitalizedWords? - a single word can be used by enclosing it in square brackets: [Go].
  • It is easier for readers if you use an alternative way to write hyperlinks: put them into square brackets - you can then use space to separate the words, e.g. [join capitalized words] is the same as JoinCapitalizedWords? (see Wiki Name for complete description).
  • You can suppress linking to references by preceding the word with a '!', e.g. NotLinkedAsWikiName, http://not.linked.to/.
  • Also, precede URLs with "http:", "ftp:" or "mailto:" to create links automatically as in: [ext] http://gtl.jeudego.org/.
  • URLs ending with .png,.gif,.jpg are inlined if put in square brackets.
  • It is possible to give your link a different name by using square brackets and '|' like this: [Go Teaching Ladder|http://gtl.jeudego.org/] produces: [ext] Go Teaching Ladder.
  • Footnotes: create links to footnotes with [#1] or any other number (i.e. square brackets + hash + number), and precede the footnote itself with [1] (i.e. square brackets + number).

Mark-Up Language (HTML)

  • Don't bother.
  • < and > and & are themselves.


A ko  

Diagram lines start with "$$ ". The first line is the title line.

  • White stone: O, marked with circle: W, marked with square: @
  • Black stone: X, marked with circle; B, marked with square: #
  • Empty point: ., marked with circle; C, marked with square: S
  • Use a-z (lowercase) for letters, use 1-9 for numbers on stones.
  • In title line: $$B makes 1 a black stone, $$W makes 1 a white stone
  • -, |, + can be used as borders.
  • All diagrams are also available as SGF file?s - you can download these by clicking on the diagram graphic.

You can also refer to moves with images like "B3 is good" by writing "B3 is good"

Read more about it in How Diagrams Work?.

Guided Tours aka Paths

How Paths Work? explains the [<SomePageName] construction.

SL Writing Guidelines

You may follow some SL Conventions? but they are less important than your ideas and insights.

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