Sakata Eio

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Sakata Eio

Sakata Eio (坂田 栄男, a.k.a. Sakata Eiju;, February 15, 1920 - October 21, 2010) was a 9 dan Japanese professional player who collected a record number of big titles from 1950 to 1975. His teacher was Masubuchi Tatsuko.

Sakata became professional in 1935. He became 2 dan in the same year, 3 dan in 1937, 4 dan in 1938, 5 dan in 1940, 6 dan in 1943, 7 dan in 1948, 8 dan in 1952, 9 dan in 1955. He retired in 2000 at the age of 80. He passed away in October 21, 2010 from the rupture of aortic tumor in his chest ([ext] news article).

Sakata is called the "Inventor of Myoshu" in the book [ext] Go on Go.

Sakata Eio is author of many books in Japanese. His Sakata no Go series, aimed at dan players, is still in print after more than forty years, a modern classic. Amongst his books translated into English are Modern Joseki and Fuseki, The Middle Game of Go, Tesuji and Anti-Suji of Go and Killer of Go.

In 1964, Sakata became the first person to hold both the Meijin and the Honinbo titles simultaneously. In that year Sakata won seven titles, winning 29 games and losing only 2 (other titles in 1964: Nihon Kiin Senshuken, Pro Best Ten, Oza, Nihon Ki-in Daiichii, NHK).

During his professional career, Sakata won 64 title matches, a new record at that time. Among Japanese professionals, only Cho Chikun has won more title matches, 71 titles as of 2007.

Sakata played 1787 official games, winning 1117 of them and losing 654 (with 16 jigos) and was the first to reach 1,000 wins in Japan.

Sakata's pupils are Aragaki Takeshi, Sasaki Tadashi, Kato Akihiro, Kono Mitsuki, and Nakayama Kaoru.

Nihon Ki-in [ext] profile.

The list of titles won by Sakata (in brackets the number of titles he won):

Sakata won the Oteai Tournament six times.


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