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GoBase is a website by Jan van der Steen that contains a large collection of professional games, as well as a number of articles, including study material.

[ext] gobase.org

IanDavis: I hear tidings that GoBase has returned back to its normal good health.

MateE !!! WARNING (added nov 5 2009): Do NOT pay for an account, they do charge your credit card, but they do not create an account for you and do not respond to e-mail complaints either !!! Edit (nov 9 2009): After I was able to contact Jan and asked for a refund, he immediately agreed and did send my money back. I conclude he has no bad intentions, but it still remains difficult to contact him because the e-mail addresses mentioned on gobase doesn't work.

gaius: Jan van der Steen sent a response in Dutch to the Dutch go mailing list (8 nov 2009). It was translated by 'maenashi' at GoDiscussions:

Dear people,

The hardware failed inelegantly, and the order for new hardware plus the restoring of data has taken ridiculously long, unfortunately. However, the new hardware is now in my possession and now some databases still need to be restored.

However, I'm in Japan next week so unfortunately work will be suspended for a while longer.

People who have paid and want their money back can do a paypal claim. The the people who made claims so far (including Erwin) have already been paid back.

Gobase has always been a project next to a full-time job. And right now, work is demanding a lot of me right now. That's just the way it is.

With kind regards,

Jan van der Steen

since about 2009-03-07 This site no longer appears to be actively maintained. the database search and pattern search are no longer operational. competition dates and pro game records are no longer being added. the latest date in the RSS feed is 2009-03-07

It has a database search engine for searching through the collection and includes an online replayer that can display the games found in the database.

A large part of GoBase, including the replayer, requires an username and password to access. Registration for the username and password was free. As of 5 August 2007, there is a 20€ fee in order to register an account. Registration must be done from a non-anonymous and non-free email account, failing which extra credentials must be supplied.

Anonymous: GoBase.org is not prompt at rectifying or explaining login errors, although your 20 euro "donation" will be cashed immediately.

Gobase has an RSS feed available. If you use [ext] LiveJournal, you can add [ext] the gobase feed to your friends list.

May 7 2014 - "The site is still maintained. However, no new content is added due to an overloaded professional career. Contributions of missing SGF collections will always be welcome though."


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