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Computer go bot developed by Google DeepMind.


Combines MCTS with two neural networks: a policy network and a value network.

DeepMind? published the algorithm in the journal Nature: [ext]


October 2015 - First AI program to defeat a professional player on a 19x19 board without any handicap. This was against the French player Fan Hui (2p) who lost 0-5[1].

March 2016 - Defeated Lee Sedol 4-1 in a 5-game match with a prize purse of one million USD. AlphaGo won the first three games by resignation. Then, in the fourth game, Lee Sedol played a tesuji in the centre that led to victory after it had looked like AlphaGo had been winning in the opening. AlphaGo made several clear mistakes before resigning, showing how its policy networks are susceptible to over-valuing forcing moves if they lead to a higher perceived winning percentage. In a close match, Lee resigned the fifth game, giving a final score of 4-1 for AlphaGo. Lee had been winning early in the game after AlphaGo could not correctly read out a two-stone edge squeeze and made a mistake locally, but later in the game he neglected to play a more aggressive extension in the upper part of the board, instead preferring to play safe and make eye shape. When Lee resigned, AlphaGo was estimated to be winning by about 2.5 points, with 7.5 komi under Chinese scoring.

December 2016-January 2017 - Defeated top pro players 60 times in a row online, playing anonymously as "Master". A 61st game was called off because AlphaGo's opponent disconnected. The games were played with short time controls on Tygem and FoxGo?. It seems clear that AlphaGo is now superhuman at the game of Go, and pros probably need to take at least a 2 stone handicap to be even with it.

[1] These are the results of the five formal games with longer time controls. Five informal games with shorter time controls were also played and Fan Hui won two of them by resignation (see Silver et al. 2016; p. 493). The kifu of the formal games seem to be available at page 488 (op. cit.).

AlphaGo vs. Lee Sedol Challenge match 2016

External Links

AlphaGo quick online games against many professionals 2016/2017

Between 2016-12-29 and 2017-01-05 AlphaGo played games under aliases Magist and Master(P) on Tygem and Foxy servers against tens of professional players, among them the highest ranking players of the time Ke Jie 9p and Park Junghwan 9p. This collection consists of 60 games which all AlphaGo won (except one in which opponent connection was lost and is marked as tie).

60 Games and commentaries

SGF collection of 60 games by Marcel Grünauer [ext] or as pdf: [ext]

Games 1-41 could be viewed on browser at [ext] (German site) and games 42-60 [ext] (in German)

Here are commentaries or analysis by various people on game by game (player names fixed per [ext] ).

01 2016-12-29 Magist - (manhan7(P)) Pan Tingyu (潘亭宇)

English, video, Tyler Oyakawa ~3D [ext]

02 2016-12-29 Magist - (bandari(P)) Zhang Ziliang

English, video, Tyler Oyakawa ~3D Who is Master(P) #2 [ext]

03 2016-12-29 (ShengR(P)) Ding Shixiong - Magist

04 2016-12-29 Magist - (wohu(P)) Xie Erhao

05 2016-12-29 (trace(P)) Yu Zhiying - Magist

English, video, Brady Daniels ~3d, AlphaGo - Whatever You Do Is Wrong, [ext]

06 2016-12-29 (AoXiang?(P)) Li Xiangyu - Magist

07 2016-12-29 (cfs(P)) Qiao Zhijian - Magist

08 2016-12-29 Magist - (3qiKing(P)) Han Yizhou

09 2016-12-29 (Hopeldo(P)) Meng Tailing - Magist

Chinese video, ??, [ext]

10 2016-12-30 Magist - (Hopeldo(P)) Meng Tailing

Chinese video, Mi Yuting 9p (is it he?), [ext]

11 2016-12-30 Master - (FengYu?(P)) Chen Hao

12 2016-12-30 Master - (atomy(P)) Liu Yuhang

English, video, Tyler Oyakawa ~3D Who is Master(P)? #3 [ext]

13 2016-12-30 Master - (YuSSSS(P)) Wang Haoyang

14 2016-12-30 (Chop(P)) Yan Zaiming - Master

15 2016-12-30 Magister - (XIUZHI(P)) Park Junghwan

16 2016-12-30 Master - (lxlx(P)) Lian Xiao

English, video, Brady Daniels ~3d, Appreciating AlphaGo, [ext]

17 2016-12-30 Master - (lxlx(P)) Lian Xiao

18 2016-12-30 (Kiss88(P)) Ke Jie - Master

English, video, Haylee 4p, Haylee's World of Go/Baduk, AlphaGo's Online Game Review 1 - Ke Jie, [ext]

English, text comments in SGF viewer, 6d, [ext]

Chinese, video, [ext]

19 2016-12-30 Master - (Kiss88(P)) Ke Jie

English, video, Haylee 4p, Haylee's World of Go/Baduk, AlphaGo's Online Game Review 2 - Ke Jie, [ext]

20 2016-12-30 (XIUZHI(P)) Park Junghwan - Master

English, video, Haylee 4p, Haylee's World of Go/Baduk, AlphaGo's Online Game Review 3 - Park Junghwan [ext]

Chinese video, Mi Yuting 9p with Meng Tailing 6p??, [ext]

English translated SGF, [ext]

21 2016-12-31 Master - (Loong(P)) Chen Yaoye

22 2016-12-31 Master - (Loong(P)) Chen Yaoye

23 2016-12-31 (abc2080(P)) Kim Junghyun - Master

English, video, Tyler Oyakawa ~3d(?), Who is Master(P)? #5 vs Kim Jiseok [ext]

24 2016-12-31 (XIUZHI(P)) Park Junghwan - Master

25 2016-12-31 Master - (XIUZHI(P)) Park Junghwan

26 2016-12-31 (dauning(P)) Yun Chanhee - Master

English, video, Dwyrin 5d, AlphaGo vs Tygem - An 8p Falls to Master(P), [ext]

27 2016-12-31 (ddcg) Fan Tingyu - Master

English, video, Brady Daniels ~3d, AlphaGo - Whatever You Do Is Wrong, [ext]

28 2016-12-31 (Hopeldo(P)) Meng Tailing - Master

29 2016-12-31 Master - (Strive(P)) Mi Yuting

English translation, Mi Yuting 9p with Meng Tailing 6p, Text in SGF viewer in Forum, [ext]

Chinese video, ??, [ext]

30 2016-12-31 Master - (930115) Tang Weixing

Chinese video, Tang Weixing 9p with Meng Tailing 6p, [ext]

English subtitled video, Tang Weixing 9p and Meng Tailing 6p, [ext]

31 2017-01-01 (black2012) Li Qincheng - Master

32 2017-01-02 Master - (星宿老仙) Gu Li

33 2017-01-02 (星宿老仙) Gu Li - Master

34 2017-01-02 (jingjing) Dang Yifei - Master

35 2017-01-02 Master - (kuangren) Jiang Weijie

36 2017-01-02 (INDIANA13) Gu Zihao - Master

37 2017-01-02 (pyh) Park Yeonghun - Master

38 2017-01-02 (天选) Tuo Jiaxi - Master

39 2017-01-02 (jpgo01) Iyama Yuta - Master

40 2017-01-02 Master - (愿我能) Meng Tailing

Chinese video, Mi Yuting 9p (is it he?), [ext]

41 2017-01-02 (airforce9) Kim Jiseok

Haylee: AlphaGo's Online Game Review 5 - Kim Jiseok : [ext]

42 2017-01-03 (smile) Yang Dingxin - Master

43 2017-01-03 (piaojie) Kang Dongyun - Master

44 2017-01-03 Master - (spinmove) An Sungjoon

45 2017-01-03 (leaf) Shi Yue - Master

46 2017-01-03 Master - (剑过无声) Lian Xiao

47 2017-01-03 (段誉) Tan Xiao - Master

48 2017-01-03 Master - (maker) Park Junghwan

English, video, Nick Sibicky(4D) Go Lecture #233 - Alpha Go Strikes Back! [ext]

49 2017-01-03 Master - (wonfun) Weon Seongjin

50 2017-01-03 Master - (潜伏) Ke Jie

English video, Simon Janin (3D) [ext]

51 2017-01-04 Master - (周俊勳) Zhou Junxun

52 2017-01-04 Master - (ykpcx) Fan Tingyu

53 2017-01-04 (kongm) Huang Yunsong - Master

54 2017-01-04 (聂卫平) Nie Weiping - Master

55 2017-01-04 Master - (谜团) Chen Yaoye

56 2017-01-04 (shadowpow) Cho Hanseung - Master

57 2017-01-04 (nparadigm) Shin Jinseo - Master

58 2017-01-04 Master - (小香馋猫) Chang Hao

59 2017-01-04 (Eason) Zhou Ruiyang - Master

60 2017-01-04 Master - (古力) Gu Li

News links on quick games

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