Japanese Rules

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  • Specific features:
    • While special procedure for determining life and death exists, decision by a 3rd person is usually used to decide whether a group is alive.
    • Rarely implemented literally
  • Scoring method: Territory
  • Counting method: Japanese
  • Superko: No (a game with a repeating position is declared to be without result and repeated)
  • Komi: 6.5
  • Suicide: Forbidden
  • Points in seki: Do not count
  • Cost of moving in one's territory: 1 point
  • Life and death settled by: Hypothetical play (in theory)
  • Illegal move: Forfeits the game
  • [ext] Full text in English
  • Used in: Japan
    • Also used in most of Europe, with the difference that an illegal move is taken back and a repeating position is a draw.

Japanese rules are the rules used in Japan. Japan had no written rules until 1949. They were revised in 1989. The new rules are rather different from the old rules, but have the same effect for nearly all games. Other parts of the world have often also adopted such rules. Furthermore, sets of rules similar to those used in Japan are often casually referred to as Japanese (style) rules.

Under Japanese rules:

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Official Rule Sets


Other Japanese Style Rule Sets

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