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I began "playing" go immediately after high school, embarrasingly thanks to Hikaru no Go. On again / off again relationship with the game since then. Recently, I've been a pretty regular attendee at the [ext] Creve Coeur Go Club in Creve Coeur, MO. I'm attempting to regularly attend Chicago's quarterly tournaments and, now that I'm a full fledged AGA member (WOOHOO!), it's much more likely to happen. If you're from Chicago, I'm probably that guy who flooded your club with requests for a couch to bum on for the tournament.

Since beginning studies in Chinese at the [ext] University of Missouri - St. Louis, I've tried to learn the Chinese equivalent of the mix of American and Japanese go terms I currently know. Sensei's has helped quite a bit, but my own lack of a long term memory mixed with my inability to study consistently (likewise w/ go) has made the progress slow. As such, many times I will switch between "go" and "weiqi" in referring to it. I apologize in advance for any confusion this might cause!

If you'd like to beat a few games out of me, I can be found on KGS, IGS, and Microsoft's as stlWill and Yahoo! games as functi0n1. Note: While school is in session (late August - early December) I won't have much time for KGS and IGS play. Instead, find me on DGS as stlWill.


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