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[ext] WBaduk (World Baduk) is one of the major Korean Baduk servers. Formerly it was known as CyberOro. The servers' clientele reside primarily in Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and Thailand. As of 2011, Wbaduk, Tygem and DashN are the only Korean servers that offer Windows clients with an English interface. Wbaduk uses the NGF file format to store games.

If you are unable to log on to Wbaduk, check the Wbaduk Status page.

Newcomers should investigate Wbaduk Getting Started.


New accounts can be registered free of charge on the [ext] English page. Make sure you use MS Internet Explorer for this, as registering with Firefox does not work.


The [ext] English client is designed for Windows. Until 2011 there was no native client for Unix systems (MacOS X or Linux), it was however possible to play in a Windows emulation.

On October 18th, 2011 WBaduk started a Java playing room, which is limited to playing and watching matches, but doesn't have the tsumego collection, betting options and teaching functionality of the original client. ([ext] link)

Now there is WBaduk HD client for iPad, available for free in AppStore?

There is free Android client also called WBaduk, available at Google Play

Features and problems

Interesting Cyberoro features not found elsewhere (to my knowledge):

  1. In even games, colours are chosen by Nigiri which is performed by the players as in a real game. You can choose even or odd, but I don't see where you can choose the number of stones
  2. Score estimate also give a thickness estimate. Amazingly, you can use this score estimate during the game. This is an option which can be turned off before the game during the game negotiation.
  3. There is a pre-play feature that allows you to edit the current board when viewing a game or playing (unless it is turned off). This works in conjunction with the estimate feature (helpful for fixing complicated board positions the score estimation system gets wrong).
  4. Before the game, you can negotiate whether the undo option, score estimation, or pre-play feature should be turned on.
  5. The client features a fairly large set of Tsumego.

Other good features:

  1. You can challenge people, like on IGS, or you can post a game request, like on KGS.
  2. Byo-yomi is counted down on the last stone played, like on Dashn.
  3. Escapers lose after being disconnected for 5 minutes.
  4. Special rules can allow some odd variations in the gameplay.

Features that seem to be lacking:

  1. You can't list the players by country, like on Dashn. In the player lists, players are identified for most major countries by little flags (default is UN flag), or by name in chat.
  2. No triple ko handling.
  3. Some opponents will try to cheat their way out of a loss, by marking dead groups alive shortly before or while you are pressing the "Done" button to confirm the score. The server does not resolve scoring conflicts properly. The confirmation window will show the correct score and ask you to confirm, but when you do and your opponent cheated the server will report wrong score as the final result.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I convert .ngf files to .sgf? :MultiGo reads the file. Then you can save as sgf.

Starting from June 2010 - Opportunity for free games with Korean Professionals

Use their [ext] schedule calendar, first come first served.


jang jirak?: The games are saved on the server as well as your computer. In the top of the game lobby window, there's a button which opens the server saved games. You can search other player's games there, too, but since i didn't play on cyberoro for a while I don't quite remember if that feature was for charged members only. (Functions for free members are largely restricted.) And i haven't checked out the non-korean clients so this might only apply to the korean client, not sure.

And as for the "Byo-yomi Girls", they are korean female pros who appears a lot on Baduk TV game commentaries and shows. I think they are Ha Ho-jeong, Kim Hyo-jeong, and Han Hae-won.

One of my favorite features of cyberoro is the pair-go. Unlike KGS or IGS, pair-go is quite active there and it's a great way for players of different level to come along together.

ZeroKun: Games are stored on your hard drive that you've played, you can also set observed games to do the same. The changing smiley faces are based upon the score given by the estimator :)

? in OroBaduk folder in ProgramFiles, there are several avatars. How can we use them in client, anyone knows?

ilan: Unfortunately, it is still possible to cheat on Cyberoro. Fairly regularly people refuse to end the scoring portion of the game by refusing to agree on dead groups. Since the clock is no longer running, this disagreement can last indefinitely. One can get an admin to adjudicate the game, but this is not so easy as the "call help" button doesn't seem to work and when in a game room it is not clear how to go to the main chat room to ask for help. So, in these situations, I have logged in on a second computer with another account and asked for help. This works well and the game is quickly adjudicated with excuses from admin and other users, e.g., "ah very rude player, sorry." This technique is also necessary for genuine disputes, e.g., the bent four in the corner pseudo seki, which, I discovered, was unkown to a dan player there.

mdm: you can click either on the button labeled "lobby" to go to the main chat. your game will remain active.

tapir: I don't share this experience. WBaduk usually miscounts teire, so one should play them out and force to connect. And end the game only on doing this. All disagreements during scoring I had were related to this fact, where players actually would agree but can't turn back (if undo is not available) to fill there and the client miscounts.

wentos?: I think that has beenfixed long time ago - not sure now but you can click (right click?) on empty intersection and it toggles its status (not counted is marked with red cross).

tapir: in my experience you can only change the status of whole areas not single points (where a stone to connect will be needed finally but isn't before the outside liberties are filled)

Helcio?: My question, I got disconnected from a game, how do I continue?

Mackky?: If you are disconnected from a game, a counter will start from 5 minutes. After this the non-disconnected opponent automatically wins. Seems a bit more effective way to deal with leavers.

Dtm?: Google has quite a lot of the cyberoro site bringing up malicious software warnings. Should I be worried about this?

Anon: This server has the weakest low dans on the planet.... I'm 1k KGS and 2D here is more like KGS 2-3k.

wentos? I think there are number of problems with 'weak server' statement, I list them to make discussion simpler:

1. There are different servers, they seem to have different characteristics when it comes to number of players and their approach to the game (style, seriousness, rating or not, strength etc). It would be helpful to say which server(s) did you try when you talk about your experiences. 2. volatile rating system - there seems to be enuff to win or lose 4 (equal, rating) games in a row to change rating by one stone. I believe this does not compare well with other servers. The result is that you can move up and down easily and others can too.

scp? : It broadcasts live professional tournaments and title matches, I love it

K? : W baduk is called Yuugen no Ma in the Japanese server. By the way anyone know how to get the korean version?. i would like to see the korean chatting.

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