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Here are some sources of game records, of varying sizes and quality.

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Commercial Databases

  • BiGo - Roughly 2,500,000 games (as of September 2014). About 95,000 of them have a professional, the remaining are amateurs and bots. Subscriptions available for updates. Proprietary format with possibility of export to SGF.
  • GoGoD - over 82,300 pro games (as of Winter 2014) all in sgf format. Prior to the Winter 2013 release, it also included a massive (hundreds of browser-ready pages) encyclopedia with player profiles, tournament info, Go history, and many other articles. GoGoD comes from John Fairbairn and, prior to his death, T Mark Hall. Previously shipped with Kombilo and other programs. SGF format.
  • SmartGo - 60,144 professional games as of June 2013. Free updates to both program and database. Proprietary format, but individual games can be exported to SGF.

Online Databases

  • GoBase.org (asleep since 2009, with a large update end 2015) - A searchable collection of 88,642 pro games, along with articles, biographies, and too many other features to list here. One of the definitive online Go resources. Non-commercial, limited downloading, paid registration required. SGF format.
  • Go4Go - 58,526 pro games as of October 27, 2016. Updated daily. All games freely viewable online. Limited downloading. For a small fee new games can be delivered through e-mail and the entire database may be downloaded. Also hosting an archive of commented games by Alexandre Dinerchtein. SGF format. Free registration required.
  • GoKifuCom - Rapidly growing sgf database,pro games are updated daily. Allow to store favorites, easy way to share in blogs,forums, print game records.
  • [ext] Fuseki Info - Online version of BiGo Assistant Profi (about 100,000 pro games). Free account with database of >2 500 games. Premium account is commercial, yearly subscription.
  • [ext] Fuseki Info for KGS Go Server - Online database of KGS Go Server games (77,000 strong ama games). Free.
  • [ext] Go Game World - Over 1,000 commented pro games. Commercial, yearly subscription. Associated with [ext] weiqi.tom.com.
  • Waltheri's go pattern search - position search in extensive database of pro games.

Commented Games

List of databases with commented games (most other databases contain games without comments)

  • Go teaching ladder: free amateur games with commentaries
  • Go game world: paid registration required. Professional games with comments from (other) professionals
  • GoGameGuru : free commentary on professional games

[ext] http://gogameguru.com/get-better-at-go/commented-go-games/

See also: Commented Professional Games

Other Game Collections

  • [ext] Andries Brouwer's collection - 33,333 Japanese pro games in SGF format. Public domain.
  • [ext] Badukmovies - A collection of about 50k pro games in sgf format. This collection is in the public domain, use it however you want to.
  • [ext] 70k SGF Game Records - Another public domain pro games collection: 35k games from the 21th century (up to July 2014), 27k from the 20th, and the rest is older or undated.
  • [ext] DespreGo Not strictly a database, but contains a list of games played by top Romanian players
  • Eidogo contains many game records, but not collected into a database format
  • [ext] Flygo - In Chinese.
  • [ext] Friday Night Files - Jan van Rongen's collections, 2,000+ pro games, mostly involving Cho Chikun or Yamashita Keigo.
  • Josekipedia Contains a list of pro games which are entered by hand by readers
  • [ext] Ulrich Goertz's SGF Game Records - High dan level amateur games from KGS, used with permission.
  • [ext] No Name Go Server Game Records - Collection of around 435k games played on No Name Go server from from 07/1995 until 05/2005.
  • [ext] Online Go Game Records - Collection of around 760k games played on online-go.com until 20.9.2014.

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