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Change Link to "Add Pages" on the front page [#2937]

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zalawi: Change Link to "Add Pages" on the front page (2013-10-07 07:07) [#9867]

The front page is not editable, so I figured I'd post a comment about my issue.

The front page states:

"Anyone (and we mean anyone) can add or edit pages. There is no requirement to register a username / password. "

The "add" word has a link to Holes In The Library, which is not at all intuitive. A new contributor would expect the "add" link to take them to a form that allows them to "add" pages - or at the very least, the Adding Pages page, which describes how one actually goes about creating a new page.

The text and links should be amended. I think the link to Adding Pages is most important, but if we want to keep the link to Holes in the Library, that should be done as a separate, clear text item as well.

tapir: ((no subject)) (2013-10-07 18:09) [#9868]

Maybe we should open the frontpage again. It was closed to public editing only due to some spamming problems we had if I remember correctly. The problem is much better under control lately.

HermanHiddema: Re: ((no subject)) (2013-10-08 01:34) [#9872]

I have no objection to opening it up, but I don't mind the current state of affairs either. Either way is fine by me.

reply Instructions for adding pages needed? (2013-10-07 22:45) [#9869]

The original poster seems not to know how to add pages. One way to do it is via the sandbox. When you are in the sandbox you can edit that page to create the title of the page you would like to create, for example How to Create Pages?. When you save the edited sandbox, using minor edit if you don't want to draw attention to what you did, in the saved sandbox will be the page title you created, underlined and with a question mark after it. Click on that question mark and you will be sent to the (empty) page and you can create it with content.

X Re: Instructions for adding pages needed? (2013-10-08 00:58) [#9870]

I did not get that impression, but since the topic was raised, you can also just go to the web address of the page you want, and edit it or click a shiny 'create' button.

HermanHiddema: Re: Instructions for adding pages needed? (2013-10-08 01:32) [#9871]

Either way will create a wiki orphan. It is better to follow the updated instructions at adding pages.

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