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chad: Play Go Now: (2011-05-22 12:09) [#8466]

please add a section to the homepage: Play Go Now! see [ext] and the link play Go

within which I can add a link to plays ~13 kyu

includes graphic visualisation for areas of influence, atari, hints, vital stones and more: [ext]

no plugins, no java, just open web standards.

please also consider adding a list of links as a directory structure on the left similar to


reply Very slow (2011-05-22 13:55) [#8470]

Your website does not perform at all. If you need help with hosting or profiling/tuning your code, let me know.

chad: Re: Very slow (2011-05-24 15:53) [#8480]

please supply your browser version, performance is usually very snappy, as code is small and tight ~22Kb. moves by the server are limited to 5 seconds. however this thread is off-topic.

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