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Now I'm 31. I got interested in Go about 15 years ago when I read a story about Japanese professional Go. Some years later I bought a board with plastic stones. Since then I searched in vain for opponents...
Until computers have begun thinking. My first Go program was for the Amiga and had to think minutes and minutes for every move. So, I read a book and made my move after every chapter. Not much unlike Dragon Go Server : )
It was not until 2004 that I started playing regularly, so the below ranking is expected to improve soon - improve (*hypnotise*)...

No, I am not really concerned about ranks - but I am always happy when my gameplay improves because I understood some basic principle. Concerning my DGS Ranking: Rankings on DGS are rather low, maybe because everybody who don't know their rank, prefer to choose a lower one. So, my ranking first went down to adjust to the overall DGS level. Then it further dropped because I went to China for a longer time than the maximum DGS holidays. Since then it improves. I'm happy. :-)

my Go rating at DGS - [ext] invite me

I will play around with the goban a little bit...

19x19 diagram  

B1 / a / b I usually play one of these...

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