Xuanxuan Qijing Problem 310 / Solution

Traditional Solution: Kill  

W11 at a and White makes a bulky five. B6 is weak. Instead...

Panda Sensei analysis  

B6 here and B8! leads to ko.


W5 turn is a mistake. Black lives with B6.

Another defense  

Go Seigen claims B2 at a is weak and suggests this line: another ko. B10 at W5.

Cont. 1  
Panda Sensei refutes  

But B4 above is a mistake. After W8, Black loses the capturing race. Instead, B1 at W2, W6 or a leads to ko.

Takagi 1  

Takagi Shoichi solution 1: ko (This is correct)

Takagi 2  

Takagi Shoichi solution 2: ko (partly wrong. B6 at W9 is correct, leading to ko)

Takagi 3  

Takagi Shoichi solution 3: ko (wrong. W9 at B10 kills.)

Cont. 1  

(Note the similarities to the Go Seigen ko)

All lead to ko  

Panda Sensei shows many ways to make ko, W1 at a to e, with the marked stones added. Variations are complex....

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