Xuanxuan Qijing Problem 2 / Solution


The clamp of W1 is the solution. The strongest resistance black can try is a; b creates too many cutting points, while c allows white to live in the corner.

Resistance 1: Connection  

After black connects, white connects under with W2 and lives through a complicated running fight. Although black can try A or B, neither will kill white.

Resistance 2: Tiger's mouth.  

After W6 at black+circle, white can live with a or escape with b.

Resistance 3: Descent  

Black descends.


Next white tries to capture the three black stones. Notice W12 is threatening to play at B13 in sente and then make life with a. Were White to play at B13, she would have miai of playing at a and capturing the two marked Black stones. Black destroys White's eye with B13. After W14, Black can't escape.

Descent follow-up (W6 error)  

Note that the order of moves is important. If white play W6 like this...

Descent follow-up (continued)  

This variation fails because white is short on liberties, so white's exchange of white+circle for black+circle in the previous diagram is premature.

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