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Andre: I'll take my three guesses at once. My first guess is Ma Xiaochun, my second Yoda Norimoto, my third Chang Hao ~~~~

-- DJ: Here are some of my answers, just from my memory, I could add something more when at home:
5) FujisawaHosai
6) Ronald Schlemper (NL)
7) KobayashiSatoru, the injured was... (?) RyuShikun ??
8) ChoChikun? He played then in the Meijin Sen against KobayashiKoichi in a wheel-chair and with three plaster casts...

Andre Engels: 4 correct, 1 incorrect (counting #7 for 2 answers).

-- phenomene : My guesses (I'm not sure about 3 and 6.)
1) Honinbo Jowa
2) Honinbo Shusaku
3) Honinbo Shuwa
4) Go Seigen
5) Fujisawa Hosai
6) Rob van Zeijst
7) Kobayashi Satoru (and Ryu Shikun)
8) Cho Chikun

Andre Engels: Again counting #7 double, I get at 5 correct, 4 incorrect (just saw I had two correct that weren't...)


  1. Jowa
  2. Shusahu
  3. Genan
  4. Kitani
  5. Shusai
  6. Van Zeijst
  7. Kobayashi Satoru
  8. Go Seigen

Problem is I have four different from phenomene. I'm rather sure about 8 being Go Seigen though, less sure of Genan, Kitani and Shusai.

Andre Engels: I had counted two correct for phenomene that were not. I see 2 mistakes in your list.


Given that I have all correct answers already, I give them here:

  1. Honinbo Jowa
  2. Honinbo Shusaku, to his teacher Honinbo Shuwa
  3. Gennan Inseki - It was remarked that he was strong enough to be a Meijin, but had the bad luck that there were other players (Honinbo Jowa and Honinbo Shuwa) who were of that strength as well
  4. Go Seigen, only 19 years old, in 1933 against Honinbo Shusai. In fact his first move at san-san would have been enough to shock the go community at the time. The first 10 moves of the game are shown below.
  5. Fujisawa Hosai
  6. Ronald Schlemper, in 1991. In the last round he beat Japanese top amateur player Imamura Fumiaki.
  7. Kobayashi Satoru, the 'victim' being Ryu Shikun
  8. Again Go Seigen, having been hit by a motor while crossing the street in 1961
Go Seigen vs. Honinbo Shusai, 1933  

- Andre Engels

...and who was the last non-Korean to win an international title? :-)

Dieter: If it is about nationality, not about affiliation, I think it is Rui Naiwei.

You are right, however for the purpose of this round of very trivial pursuit we're considering affiliation.

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