Wedge if possible

wedge at a  

White W2 is attachment. The proverb says "Respond to attachment with hane". Black can consider responding at a and b.

If the wedge (a) works, it will be more severe.


White W2 at c is common and is discussed here.

also possible  

Black could also play at c or d in certain situations.

wedge at B1 (continuation 1)  

White W2 outside atari

A common continuation following the wedge of B1 (see four die but six live). For White to choose this line of play, it is desireable, but not an absolute requirement, that there be a White stone in the upper left.

Jared: I think W4 is the only move, but maybe W6 could be at a.

wedge at B1 (continuation 2) W8 fills.  

White W2 inside atari

Another possible continuation, often seen when the two marked Black stones are part of a moyo.

This continuation is good for black. This is why black should wedge in the first place. White's original two stones are split (with one captured). The central point: If this ladder works for black, he should wedge, aiming for this diagram.

Bill: Isn't there a better page title? Wedge if possible is not good general go advice. It is specific to this kind of invasion an response. Perhaps the thing to do is to make this a subpage?

OscarBear?: This doesn't seem to be a proverb, but rather a piece of advice about a common invasion.

Bill: Advice by whom? Anyone worth listening to?

tapir: Seems fairly common advice to be honest. See: LowInvasionOfMixedThreeSpaceExtension#toc1

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