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Attempt One  

My first try looks to be a seki - except I expect that the black group on the right is actually dead.
(Jantje) I wonder whether this is a seki, adding moves 6 to 9 I get a 10000 years' ko.

Attempt One - cont'd  

Dave: After White plays the marked stone, this becomes a known shape. Now White answers B1 with W2 and uses Black's shortage of liberties to prevent the stones from escaping.

Attempt One - cont'd 2  

Dave: However, if White expects to prevent the ko and just waits, Black kills at the end of the game after all the outside liberties have been filled in. White has to play 2 at 4 for the 10,000 year ko in the end.

Attempt One - cont'd 3  

Dave: So White creates the 10,000 year ko early while there are still external liberties (B1 tenuki). If Black plays tenuki immediately, there are various internal threats such as W6 and a available.

Attempt Two  

Can we cut it off? no don't think so.

Conclusion, white looks alive to me if black is eyeless on the right.

Imagist: The right black group doesn't seem dead to me, since the edge of the board isn't indicated.

Attempt 3  

(Jantje) This seems to be a direct ko for B

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