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Dieter: I believe Black can kill and ...


Reuven: I expect this kind of sequence? (Maybe W3 at B4?) I don't think B can kill from here on, can she?


White can make a ko. Of course, White can play W10 first and leave the ko as a threat.

Superdave: White can kill the black stones below, probably at the expense of the three top stones:

10 at black+circle  

B6 could really be at a to separate the top white stones instead of the failure line shown. I haven't found a way for white to save the top. B2 at W3 seems worse for black; I think white can save the top stones then.
B6 could also be at b to try to save the corner stones; W is forced to capture and black plays c. This will end up in a ko; see next diagram.

After B b in previous diagram  

Something like this would result if B tried to save the corner stones with a ko, instead of settling for capturing the top white stones.

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