Three Proposals to Make KGS a Better Place / prehistory

taken from the KGSWorstAdmin page

WorkerBee?: I think that the complaints listed on this page should be formalized and made into a petition for users to sign and present to Glue.

There are two problems in my view. First, it seems to me that admins as a whole are evading responsibility for their actions. They don't police or take responsibility for the actions of other admins. When they are criticized in the EGR, they always claim that their actions are justified by the fact that there is a separate chat room.

I have had an admin threaten to boot me for using Chinese during kibitz. This is offensive behaviour and KGS should not have a "policing" attitude towards policy in the first place.

Second, it is clear that there are individual admins who are perceived as abusive by the user community. It is pretty clear from looking at this page who those people are. Those people, basically, shouldn't be admins.

I would like to propose having a discussion on this topic, here or on another page.

xDragon: yes i agree. admins at KGS absolutely do not take responsibility for their actions, hiding behind their power to boot and using threats instead (BigDoug for instance. his record of incompetence has been well documented here). i often complain about bigdoug to others and they act like they are afraid of him, saying things like "hes been around for a long time" and hes the most strict...the problem is that admins just arent willing to look at themselves for blame. ( Last sentence removed by PeterHB 2009/10/18 )

PeterHB: xDragon - As you haven't edited your words, I have removed them. Please bear in mind [ext] Godwin's law, the unusual set of real laws in SL's hosting country (Austria), and civility.

tapir: If the feelings about banning policy on KGS are that strong, feel free to create a page. I would sign, despite never being banned from KGS at all. See also KGSWishlist/Social#toc13 for a reasonable proposal in a similar case (though the place is less easy to find) and my proposal about Complaint pages on SL in general at metadiscussion.

Djaian: I think you get the admins you pay for. KGS is a private and free server, so it is somewhat illogical to complain, since we are not really customers. I think the admins in general do their work, but sometimes they can also show a bad side. They are just human and make mistakes. I am happy that I can go to KGS and play go online. I would prefer better admins, and it would be great to have a real system that deals with escapers, but you just cannot have everything (and for free).

WorkerBee?: Okay, I have created a page: /draft

tapir: I added two proposals.

WorkerBee?: Sorry tapir - I'm still new at this. I think I deleted your additions by mistake . . .

tapir: No, you didn't. You just renamed/deleted the link (not the page, you can't delete it anyway, only librarians can). Can we first agree about a page name. + I prefer an independent page. Maybe short KGS petition or KGS banning policy petition or Petition regarding bans on KGS. I prefer the shorter KGS petition, because there is only one big topic at KGS to write petitions about anyway.

ILL: Well said, that's how i feel too. They're acting like its a cyber police state. WorkerBee? can use his words =] We shouldn't be afraid of our admins (which is why I stand up to them when I something wrong [then I get kicked for "not obeying"]). Yes, you can say its a free server and you get what you payed for but... come on. There's no reason to be such a donkey butt. I don't know what your definition of human is, but those overpowered by... well, power, just don't seem human to me anymore.

WorkerBee?: I think KGS petition is a good name, sure. I'll wait for others to chime in before creating again. And yes, an independent page would be fine with me.

tapir: I unified all the pages at /draft. More there.

Three Proposals to Make KGS a Better Place / prehistory last edited by tapir on February 28, 2010 - 14:13
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