Three Proposals to Make KGS a Better Place

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This page has grown out of KGS Worst Admin and tries to channel frustration into advocacy for a less frustrating KGS. For more see the subpages here and Day of Amnesty.

1. Add a new Feature: The chat ban (discuss)

A "chat banned" (for say a standard period of 48 hours) person can't chat in other people games or rooms, but will still be able to play and talk face-to-face and in his own games. While this is still a harsh sanction, it will make the normal bans nearly obsolete and will reduce tension considerably.

2. Public log of bans (discuss)

All sanctions (ban, chat ban if introduced) should be logged publically and a reason given. This would introduce some accountability and responsibility to banning activity on KGS.

3. No tolerance to intolerance (discuss)

In game relays, non-English speakers are regularly and openly harassed by some users for not using English. This behaviour should not be tolerated at all and sanctioned if continued after pointing out the multi-lingual character of KGS.


I agree to these three proposals:

I agree to some of these proposals (please state which of them after your signature):

  • topazg - I disagree with the public log proposal, but agree with the other two.
  • tderz - as topazg, I am not sure about the public log proposal, agree with the other two. I suggest a new tool, called 'adjustable filtering, based on the input of all users)

All proposals are posted at KGS Wishlist as well, where you can discuss them (and vote on them) individually.

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