Hi, I'm starting a blog because I want to see my progression

May 28th 2011

wow, I feel like I really need to improve my reading and the judgment of whether my stuff could be killed or not. This doesn't feel like an emo "I suck" moment, it feels like an "I suck, therefore I really need to improve moment. Today, I faced a guy/girl with a french client. He/she got his/her group killed. and then I didn't play a move which would've made my group 100% alive. instead a ko formed and I don't know how this person got to 2k, but ... he/she left the game without resigning. So after checking the escaper policy, I sent the person a message in broken french, saying "we will finish the game later. I am bad at french. It was fun." WOW that was broken. Anyways, to whoever's reading, you're awesome.

old posts

January 9th 2010

I wanted to play, but I felt really tired, so I decided to play on IGS today just to see how badly I could fail. No patience, no plan, no victory in sight. I sit here giving away a huge lead in power. I wonder how far I'm gonna get just studying by myself. My emotions are so bad at home, anger, and frustration are the things I feel the most. my sentences are so unflowy (viscous).

March 20th 2010

Going on really helped me get better (in terms of strength), but I'm not feeling well (tired, feeling sick...etc). I don't seem to be in a slump, but I'm really behind on my work. sigh. (6kyu KGS, was nearing 5 kyu but started being crappy again)

June 13th 2010

I'm feeling really good about myself. It's one of those feelings that you get when you know that you'll improve like crazy. I would like to get to see actual people in the go community, but I'm fine with the nice people at KGS and L19. It seems that 7kyu is full of solid players, but when you hit 5kyu, you have good fights. The problem with that is that I practice fighting on IGS against sandbaggers.(since ranking up is slow on IGS and I give 13k sandbaggers 3 stones due to automatch, I'm only rated 10k there)

Therefore, I'm very strong at only fighting and group strength. I'm not good at L&D or sente. The only L&D i can do are center chases, and killing as punishment for a silly tenuki.

I realize that I need to really start doing tsumego to not have a hitch in 2kyu. This is where sente, L&D, and direction of play stand out more.

June 30th 2010

So, I feel like I'm improving very quickly now. One big problem that I have is that after I get a huge lead, I let people make huge amounts of points while I just solidify everything. They usually catch up within 20 points reach, but still not enough. I usually get destroyed in yose too, except against the weaker people (who give me huge leads). I think I could reach the strength of today's ama 1 dans sometime in the near future. Maybe within a year, we'll have to see now won't we?

August 15th 2010

I honestly don't know now. The ranks are too silly and I don't care about them. I'm guessing that since I'm getting winning streaks, that's a good sign, and since I don't care about ranks, the more fun go is. Amateur 1 dan. I'll never be satisfied with just any Amateur 1 dan, I want the hardest one to get. Therefore, I'll aim at 9d KGS first XP, then get a harder one. (so I'm not even close to KGS 1D yet... XP)

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