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Herman: Hey tapir, thanks for updating the article of the week! I was having trouble with my internet connection this morning, so it's good to know someone's got my back :-)

Herman: Tapir, I will be away on holiday the coming week. Could you take care of the next two article of the week changes? Thanks!

Tapir: I'm on holiday as well, but most probably I'll have internet access (and a laptop by the hand).

Celebrir: Hi and thanks for the welcome :) Just one question about the ArticleOfTheWeek/Nominations: Is it allowed to vote for multiple Topics ?

tapir: Sure. (Otherwise votes would be very rare :)

Celebrir: Thanks again, I guess I will take a look soon and vote soon :)

thanatos13: thanks tapir, Congrats on reaching shodan (it took me long enough to notice XD).

WorkerBee? Hi tapir, I'm sorry but I deleted your proposals by mistake - I renamed the page and deleted the old ones (and your proposals) while I was editing it. Sorry about that.

tapir: I doubt you deleted the page. You just renamed the link... now we have around three pages for the same purpose. See PetitionConcerningKGSBanningPolicy. :) (No problem.) I would prefer some concrete proposals in the petition for people to rally around (if it is meant to be a petition that people will sign and lobby for implementation other than on the KGSWishlist/Social where they write proposals without lobbying) Cheers Tapir

zelda91: oh hi I just noticed you edited my zelda alternative page a long time ago, and ur right it does work like that :)

tapir: I restarted the page at Three proposals to make KGS a better place - feel free to sign now! While the style is my own, two of three proposals are taken from Worker Bee. I omitted the whole background and argument stage (moved to subpage). See you Tapir.

Hyperpapeterie: They do indeed play the KPMC in two days. Time limits are short. Something like an hour per player (maybe even absolute), iirc, making it possible to have a lot of games in one day--albeit a long day.

tapir: Wasn t it announced as lasting one week? And now it is finished after two days?

Hyperpapeterie: Yes, it's a bit misleading--the 21st-27th includes arrival, opening ceremonies, and things like that. [ext] Schedule

tapir: Haha, I remember how players here where I live complain when you try to put 7 rounds in a 2-day tournament and they just do it with a World Amateur Championship :) Time limit must be one hour sudden death or less, otherwise the schedule just would not work out. (Any information on the number of games lost on time? Or even a simple results table would be nice.)

Hyperpapeterie: Still waiting on any results beyond what's at KoreaPrimeMinisterCupWorldBadukChampionship/2010EventResults. I think sudden death is the norm in Asian amateur tournaments, often with just a 45 minute time limit.

tapir: The DGoB forum featured some comments, such as that the tournament was decided without the top players having played each other, while Artem played both China and South Korea (his two lost games I reckon) may be a tournament result table will surface later. It is a pity that tournament organizers somehow don't believe anybody in the west may be interested in the results.

Hyperpapterie?: Saw that you'd edited Latest Promotions with Kato Atsushi. Is there a new English language source for promotions?

tapir: No, but I can practically read the promotion information on the japanese player profiles after long training :)

tapir: First time I reached my own homepage by clicking on RandomPage? :)

Archaic: Engineering is a correct science contrary to your beliefs.


Thanx much! Unfortunately your help came too late - I browsed several pages to find how aliases works :) If you could delete bad ones - pls see at page delete requests! Thanx again! :)

I can. But wouldn't it be a good opportunity to add a few and short pages :)

Tapir/Talk last edited by tapir on April 22, 2014 - 14:37
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