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TaiGO is a GO recording application for Palm OS handhelds.

From the website [ext] http://taiteki.googlepages.com

TaiGo software can read SGF files from an SD Card or internal memory. Currently (15 February 2008) TaiGO can read SGF files with variations such as Kogo's Joseki Dictionary.

TaiGo has a tool to calculate the variations of EGF Points for a player in a tournament with or without handicap of class A, B or C.

TaiGo has a tsumego module, with a players list that you can select to improve your level

SGF file size is limited by quantity of data memory in the Palm handheld, and is not possible to be read more than 131.072 moves (Kogo's has 55,000).

TaiGo loads all the inforamation of the SGF file, used or no. But the functions of extraction of these data are not implemented, only load stones added in the sgf file to be able to see problems, Symbols and same node info.

In a test, TaiGo read an SGF file of 161kB in 3 seconds (the test was done by a file fattened in size adding great number of comments)


In Simulator works well, but inestable in real life --> Please give more info and report a bug to the developer. On what model of PDA ? What happened when ? Were you viewing an sgf ? If so, include the problem sgf file. Were you editing a file ? If so, what did you do when it became "instable" ? What do you mean with "instable" ? Like this your statement doesn't say much.

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