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Systematic Joseki Generator Program

One method of easing the creation of standards-compliant SystematicJoseki pages is to use a program to generate the bulk of the formatted content.

Let me know what you think, ideas for improvement, ways it doesn't fit the standard but should, etc. It is written python and has been released under the BSD license. It has only been tested under MacOS X 10.3, but should work on other platforms with [ext] python installed.

You can [ext] get the most up-to-date version of SJG.


Just type:

python --help

From the command line for a list of options.


To generate the 4-4 3-6 6-3 SystematicJoseki? one would use:

python -s "4-4 3-6 6-3" --next_moves="2-4 3-4 3-3 8-3" -e "1 1 0 1" -m "Hoshi Keima Keima"

Please note that I still have some bugs to work out and that there's some manual filling-in required (e.g., the notes for each move), but overall it seems to do an acceptable job.

Evan: Wow, great work. I'm just reading through the code at the moment trying to understand how it works, I love python but haven't done any programming for a while. This will help a lot though, will make creating pages a lot less tedious and repetitive. If I see anything wrong or additions that could be made to your code I'll try and help out, right now though got go club to go to!

nachtrabe: Hope you find it useful. :-) How it works is pretty basic--mostly string manipulation.

Wishlist/Future Plans


What would you like this program to do that it doesn't?


1.0b1: 6 February 2005

  • Initial Release

1.0b2: 7 February 2005:

  • Fixed the -e (--enabled_moves) option
  • Added an option for move names (e.g., Hoshi Keima Keima)
  • Fixed the links in diagrams (it was merging the last two numbers--purely a cosmetic fix for humans reading the file, since SL doesn't care about that kind of formatting in links).
  • Added a little more error checking to
  • Minor documentation fixes.

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