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Synthetic tournament” is a term used by Monteo da Westi. According to [ext] his post in the forum for Yamada Kimio, it is a fictitious tournament by which actual game records (and their results) are placed into a tournament bracket to determine a winner. The selection of games, tournament style, tournament rules and seeding are determined completely by the synthetic tournament's creator, thereby making it possible to guarantee any outcome the creator desires and the actual game results.

Da Westi uses this as a basis for his claim that Yamada Kimio is the strongest 9x9 player, which turns out to be plausible. See discussion

He also develops a scientific method for assessing the strength of great players in history, called Superhuman Performance Analysis Technique, and is the first to reveal that Cho Hunhyun is a little stronger than Honinbo Shusaku, based on the two performance indicators: “%Best Move” and “Move Strength.” Details are given in his book, “Who is the Strongest Go Player in History?,” which provides the new mindset of Go performance beyond the traditional Elo score and dan ranking systems. The technique allows anyone to compare the performance of any Go players throughout the history in an objective manner. He also analyzes the performance of AlphaGo Zero, AlphaGo Master, Honinbo Dosaku, and Ke Jie, and get some surprising facts that might alter Go history.

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