Star Point

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Chinese: 星位 (xing1 wei4)
Japanese: 星 (hoshi)
Korean: 화점 / 花點 (hwa jeom)

Star points on a 19x19 board  

Star points (J. hoshi, lit. "star") are the nine points on a 19x19 go board marked by small dots, where handicap stones are placed. They also serve as a visual reference for the players. Otherwise, they have no effect on the game. They are one of the named points on the board.

Symmetry taken into account, there are 3 named star points: the 4-4 point, the 10-4 point and the 10-10 point.

Like other terms in go, the term star point refers not only to the point, but to a play there as well. Star point joseki are joseki starting with the corner star point (4-4 point).

The sei in niren-sei and sanren-sei is another reading of hoshi; these terms thus refer to "two hoshi in a row" or "three hoshi in a row".

The Japanese term hoshi can also refer to a win (shiroboshi, "white star") or loss (kuroboshi, "black star"), or the circular white or black mark used in tournament grids to show such a win or loss.

The Korean term "hwa jeom" or "flower point" originates from traditional Korean boards in which the star points were indicated by flowers.

Star points on a 13x13 board  

A 13x13 board has only five star points.

Star points on a 9x9 board  

A 9x9 board also has only five star points. However, some leave out that in the center, some those in the corners.

Star point on 13x13 board  

One point in center

9x9 board  

No star point


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