Solving Go on small Boards

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Solving 5x5 Go

The used rules for solving differ, see:

Static analysis of life/death:

"Pass-alive Go"

What is smallest number of stones needed for a pass-alive (unconditional) whole board win? [ext] Complete list of solutions for 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5 boardsizes (link dead?)

Go Variants

The Variant Atari Go

A Variant called "Mathematical Go"

The three links above point to the same resource - a directory of python scripts - unfortunately without any documentation.

Since the links are quite dead, here's the gist from [ext] :

  • passing not allowed
  • suicide not allowed
  • superko (looks like positional)
  • first player to not have a legal move loses.

See also:

Rules of Go
Small board Go
Different Sized Boards
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Mathematical vs Metaphorical Understanding

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