Socks Aside


JanDeWit asked if this complaint (taking off socks and placing them beside the board) was for real. I can't say for sure, but it reminded me of a strange situation at a Go board.

Occasionally, I play at the house of a man in Amherst with a small group of people. The man's dog is very strange, and has a sort of ailment that I forget the details of; it's either blind, deaf or has no sense of smell. Anyhow, the result of this ailment is that the dog likes to lick people much more than usual. Often, I would play a game with somebody and the dog would come up and lick the person's arm for several minutes straight! It was very unnerving to have the person act as if nothing was going on... talk about psychological warfare!

-- Matt Noonan, on a tangent

Zinger: Hahah, I thought this page was about something else. Myself and a few others I have met use socks (clean of course) to keep the lids on the bowls while carrying them around in a bag, so the stones don't spill out. Indeed, these socks do sometimes end up in view during play. Recently I found a neat solution: my wife subscribed to a magazine, and received a promotional gift. We think it's supposed to be a purse of some kind, but it looks more like a miniature duffel bag. Turns out, it's just the right size for two bowls of go stones - such a snug fit, that the lids stay on without socks. Very handy :)

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