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SDN's Invitational King of the Hill

SDN's Invitational King of the Hill is an online tournament broadcasted on Twitch ([ext], organised and hosted by SoDesuNe.

It consists of invited players, battling it out in a series of blitzy best-of-threes. Only the starting player will be known beforehand and even they will not know who their opponents will be. Matching will be made on the fly depending on player chemistry, match story telling, possible enjoyment of clashing styles or another totally arbitrary reason. Only the winning player continues.

Who will be the first on the hill?



1) Two players will play a match consisting of three games.

2) All three games will be played, regardless of the game's impact on the match outcome.

3) The winner of the match will go on and play the next match. Before each match the organiser will tell the starting player or winner of the last match which OGS-user they have to challenge.

Game settings

4) All games will be played on [ext] with the following settings.

  • Rules: Japanese
  • Game speed: Blitz
  • Handicap: None
  • Komi, custom: 6.5
  • Your colour: Automatic
  • Disable analysis has to be deactivated (uncheck)

5) The time settings will be as follows:

First game:

  • Time control: Fischer
  • Initial time: 5 minutes
  • Time increment: 7 seconds
  • Max time: 5 minutes

Second game:

  • Time control: Fischer
  • Initial time: 3 minutes
  • Time increment: 5 seconds
  • Max time: 5 minutes

Third game:

  • Time control: Byo-Yomi
  • Initial time: 1 minutes
  • Time per period: 10 seconds
  • Periods: 5

6) The starting player or the winner of the last game or match will create the (next) game by directly challenging the opponent. Challenges within a match have to be issued without delay. There are no breaks within the match.

7) Games created with different settings will be re-started. If the third consecutive game is again not created with the correct settings mentioned above, it is within the organiser's discretion to count this game as a loss for the creating player.

Automatic count, disconnect and draws

8) If OGS' automatic counting declares the wrong player as the winner, upon objection or in case of a miscount obvious to the organiser, the organiser will declare the correct winner based on the actual board position (and maybe with the help of the players and a bot).

Objections to the automatic count have to be made during the match. If the next match started, there will be no changes to prior match results.

9) If a player disconnects while playing a game, this game is counted as a time loss for the disconnecting player. If the disconnecting player does not log in again or if the disconnecting player cannot play the next game within three minutes, they will lose the match.

10) If the game ends in a draw it will be repeated with the same settings. If two consecutive draws occur it's in the organiser's discretion to award the win to one player.

Points, score and prize money

11) The winner of the match is decided by scoring more points than their opponent:

  • A win in the first game brings 1 point.
  • A win in the second game brings 0.75 points.
  • A win in the third game brings 0.5 points.

12) Each match has a prize pool of EUR 22.50. The money will be split among the players of this match according to their points scored.

Example: Player A has won the first game and player B has won games two and three. Player A has 1 point and thus gets EUR 10 (EUR 22.50 divided by total points of 2.25 times 1 point scored). Player B gets EUR 12.50 (EUR 22.50 divided by total points of 2.25 times 1.25 points scored).

The total prize pool of this tournament is EUR 225. Depending on the numbers of players and match duration, less matches may be played, therefore limiting the total prize pool.

13) Prize money will be transferred via PayPal after the whole tournament has been concluded and all forms of cheating have been ruled out.


14) Any form of cheating is forbidden. This particularly includes:

  • using any go bot while playing
  • using any (third party) tool which will enhance your play
  • getting advice from anyone while playing
  • letting another player play in your name
  • match-fixing

Cheating will result in disqualification and loss of any prize money. It's in the organiser's discretion to rule whether cheating has occured. The organiser does not have to provide definitive proof for his ruling.

Before any ruling occurs the organiser will contact the involved party.

15) Players are allowed to stream their games but have to delay their broadcast by at least 3 minutes. If a player streams their games with a shorter delay this will be judged as cheating since chat could provide bot analysis.


16) If any disputes arise that are not detailed in this rules, it is in the organiser's discretion to come up with a ruling.

17) The organiser's decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into. The tournament (especially concerning the transferral of prize money) is not subject to legal recourse.

Prize money transferral depends on players providing their correct PayPal accounts and agreeing to and adhering to the terms of this tournament.


Match 1 (TEST)
Game Score Player1 Player2 SGF
5/7 B+R Black White [ext] SGF
3/2 W+R Black White
1/5x10 B+R White Black
Points - 1 1,25 -

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