Sai - Meijin 101


DaveSigaty: This position is from Cho Chikun (Black) versus Otake Hideo in the preliminaries of the 44th Oza Sen. The game was played 1996-06-14 (game 1996-06-14a.sgf on the latest GoGoD CD). Unfortunately not analyzed in Go World or anywhere else that I have seen.

SAS: An SGF file of the game is available [ext] here. The above diagram seems to be slightly wrong. What move number is it supposed to be?

HolIgor: It is interesting that they have chosen a Cho Chikun game for this chapter. It is so natural for Cho to try to crush the opponent by applying a very risky strategy. This time he was fried.

Funny thing - in anime, there is quite big mistakes - in 6:46 Meijin play auto-atari, in 6:49 (episode 49) we can see black play M3.Obviously on screen position he should play K6 making quite big capture.

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