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To the readers: I (Bill) have been thinking about doing something like this journal for some time. It seems to me that much of the material in SL, particularly the pedagogical material, would be a good fit for a journal format. Your feedback, please.

kb: Charles Matthews' writings, such as Shape Up! and his articles on GoBase(?) might be linked here. You yourself have also done a lot of work on the endgame and would not be wrong to link that work here as well.

Bill: There is a lot of good material on the web. An external links section seems like a good idea. :)

Dieter: The original author of the "ancient ..." article is Zhang Hu, not Hu.

Bill: Oops! Thanks. Corrected. :)

Bob McGuigan: I'd like to do an article on Joseki in context, maybe Joseki in Context 2, but I'm not sure how to fit it into the path structure. It looks like the node in the path preceding Joseki in Context 1 is Basic Fuseki and the node after it is Distance Teaching. I expected that the structure would be more tree-like, with each node on the Journal page being a root of something that would branch off of it. If that's what you had in mind I'm not sure how to implement it. I could, I suppose, insert Joseki in Context 2 after 1 and before Distance Teaching.

Bill: A Joseki in Context article by you would be great, Bob! :) Since that's a path, I'll just put the path page in the reference here.

Bob: OK, I'll get busy on it.

unkx80: How about Dieter's (subpage) articles? For example, his teaching experiences are a good read.

Bill: Thanks. :) I have linked to a couple of Dieter's subpages. I could have linked to them all. Perhaps we should have a section of home pages of authors who have such subpages.

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