Difficulty: Beginner   Keywords: Tesuji
Starting position  

The roll up is a basic capturing technique, involving a sacrifice stone. The term has been coined here at SL and we don't currently know of any established name for it.

Roll up  

It starts with the placement atari of W1, B2 connects, then W3 is a cut and atari, B4 captures the W1 stone, then W5 puts all those stones in atari and the group has been rolled up.


Notice that every liberty counts in this situation: if there is no white stone at the marked point, W5 is not atari and B6 can capture those two stones instead.

Starting position 2  

Here is another kind of roll-up (note: see if this hasn't been described already).

Roll up  

W1 is again a sacrifice stone, meant to reduce Black's liberties. If B2, then W3 is atari and when B4 connects at W1, W5 completes the roll up.

Sacrifice needed  

Note that the sacrifice is needed: if W1 simply ataris, B2 connects and now White can no longer atari at a, because there is a stone lacking at b.

These techniques often make a big difference at the beginner level.

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