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Dave Sigaty:

Here is the result from searching across the 17,000+ games in the July 2002 update of the GoGoD CD. As familiar as this formation seems, it appears only nine times (so in general the pro's do not let their opponents make the double-wing formation?):

Search Pattern  

In two of the games, White ignores the moyo around the shimari and Black plays next within the search area. In the other seven games White tries six different approaches. Only the shoulder hit at f in the diagram appears more than once. Surprisingly White won 5 of the 9 games despite letting Black make the double-wing formation.


9 matches (6/3), B: 44.4%, W: 55.6%

Wf:    2 (1), B100.0% - W0.0%
Wd:    1 (0), B0.0% - W100.0%
Wh:    1 (1), B0.0% - W100.0%
Be:    1 (0), B0.0% - W100.0%
Wb:    1 (0), B0.0% - W100.0%
Wa:    1 (0), B100.0% - W0.0%
Wg:    1 (0), B0.0% - W100.0%
Bc:    1 (0), B100.0% - W0.0%

Game list

1943-05-26a: Kitani Minoru     - Iwamoto Kaoru   (B) 13a
1977-03-10:  Fujisawa Hideyuki - Otake Hideo     (W) 11b
1981-02-19b: Honda Kunihisa    - Kato Masao      (B) 21c
1981-07-09c: Hasegawa Sunao    - O Rissei        (B) 18d-
1981-09-23b: Awaji Shuzo       - Tokimoto Hajime (B) 12e-
1987-06-11c: Kobayashi Koichi  - Kato Masao      (B) 13f
1994-12-22a: Kato Masao        - Cho Chikun      (B) 24g-
2000-09-11:  Zhou Heyang       - Xie He          (W) 17h
2002-03-15d: Yu Ch'ang-hyeok   - An Cho-yeong    (B) 15f

Search Pattern  

DrStraw: Interesting that c does not occur as a move for W. I think the that is the first move which would occur to most amateurs. I also would have expected Wa to receive consideration. It is a move I have played many times. I guess this just shows that we amateurs (well, at least this one) don't understand pro thinking.

tapir: d is more common in my database, and it has amateur appeal as well. And in really large frameworks extending further on the right edge e looks like the preferred move by far.


tapir: With this configuration a and even b are fairly common in professional play, since the position of black+circle is the only difference ...

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