Playing a pro game backwards, Game 1


Bill: Picking up on an idea of Holigor's, how about studying a pro game backwards? Instead of 10 moves per page, I think that 30 is reasonable for this game. Given a week or so for comments, we should finish in about two months. Please join in the fun. :-)

Moves 249 to 258  

Bill: B1 picks up 2 points in gote. Next, W2 is a 2 1/4 point sente. B1 at a (reverse sente) would gain 1/4 point more, but would allow W2 at b, which gains 2 points. But B1 is right, because it is the last play at the 2 level before a significant drop in temperature. See /Tedomari.

White takes several 1 point sente with W4 - B9, and then plays W10, which is an interesting play.

Moves 259 to 268  

How much does W10 (previous diagram) - W4 gain? See /Bottom side.

Bill: B5 - W10 (moves 263 - 268) are curious. Technically correct is B5 at a, a 1 point sente, leaving a 3/4 point play on the right side. W10 is strange, too, losing 1/2 point. (White gets it back by getting the last play, so the score is unaffected.)

See /Right side.

Moves 269 to 278  

Black has captured 6 White stones. White has captured 4 Black stones.

Bill: Black gets the last 1 point play (miai value), but it does not matter, because White gets the 1/2 point play. B9 and W10 are miai.

Bill: My source for this ancient game says that the result is jigo, but it looks like a one point win for Black to me. Also, some of the play looks a little funny, as though the players were contesting a point that isn't there. Maybe the game record is not accurate. Or am I mistaken?

John F. There are indeed other versions of this game that give the result as B+1. The original exists only in MS form and that, plus age, opens up lots of possibilities of a corrupted record. There is a perhaps unusual number of jigos in this period, however, and given the circumstances, one must not discount the possibility that any funny moves might be explained by efforts to create a jigo (and if they missed the target they bluffed over the result???).

Bill: Thanks, John.

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Funny: just today I found a close concept used in Chess: <[ext]>.

unkx80: On SL - Retrograde analysis.

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