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This is a page for people who don't have a local club but would still like to connect and meet with other players in their area, either to start a club in their area, or just find people to play with. If you are seeking players in your area, feel free to add yourself to the list! Just make a post here under your country including a way to contact you. Please add a date to your entry as it makes it much easier to keep this page up to date.

Be sure to check Go Places first to see if there is already a club near you.

You can also try [ext] VillesSansClub or [ext]

Pre-2006 entries have been deleted.

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New Brunswick

  • Saint John (Please contact C.S. Graves)
  • Fredericton (Please contact meh)

Nova Scotia

  • Halifax (Please contact Theodore Kolokolnikov,

Yukon Territory

  • Whitehorse (Contact Yukontodd or email me at



  • Pancevo:

Contact - Ralke on KGS, ralke81(et)

United Kingdom

Here's a list, map & contact details of clubs across the UK: [ext]


If you want to start a club in the USA, the [ext] American Go Association will give you help, including free equipment.

If you are looking for a club in the USA, here is a good place to start: [ext] The contact people listed for clubs in your state might know of people near you.

The [ext] Reddit Baduk Map can be used to view AGA Chapters, individual players, and other submitted clubs.


Damien is seeking Go players in the Huntsville-Decatur-Athens area of Alabama of any and all skill levels. Willing to teach new players. Contact me via my email address, (Dated 5/19/2013)

Bob McGuigan: There are two go clubs listed for Alabama on the AGA chapters list [ext] here. They might not be near you but maybe the contact people listed would know of someone close to you. You could also check the GA and TN lists. There is a club in Chattanooga.

Damien: I made a pilgrimage to Birmingham to visit the Go clubs recently. "Alabama Go Club" which meets in the mall no longer meets. I've yet to visit "Birmingham Go Association" but their website seems old and abandoned.

Damien: 5/19/13: I checked the AGA website today. "Alabama Go Club" has been deleted from the listings.

Chonas: 07/03/2013 - Rocket City Go Club - Huntsville, AL - - [ext] - or email for details (we just formed in June, but have had 2-8 members per meeting and will continue for an indefinite amount of time)!



  • Grand or Roaring Fork Valleys: jedge42? at DGS or KGS or



  • St.charles city. contact echs at KGS

South Carolina

  • Greenville: contact: BBerries on KGS or
  • Myrtle Beach: contact nexterh? on KGS or gmail



  • South Haven: My name is Matt. I'm 7 kyu. Contact Sleepyfee on KGS or email
  • Fort Wayne: I'm James, new player. Contact email

South Africa

If you are looking for opponents in South Africa, you can get info on active clubs, and look for opponents from your area on the [ext] South African Go Clubs website.

South East Asia


I'm a go player in Phnom Penh ^^ Contact ghislain on KGS.


Anyone wanting to play in Beirut, please contact me through our Facebook page. [ext]

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