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(Clever_Stone_go) brief introduction

(Clever_Stone_go) brief introduction

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1)Net Course :Is a collection of 30 series. 2)How to play go :Video + matching kifu 3)Learn Joseki (Corner Pattern):320000 change chart(Today the world's largest Joseki database) 4)Learn Fuseki (Opening):1500000 change chart

Classic opening(fuseki):包含经典布局有 Chinese opening (Chinese fuseki) 中国流布局 Three stars opening (sanrensei) 三连星布局 Two stars opening (nirensei) 二连星布局 Mini Chinese opening 迷你中国流布局 Kobayashi opening 小林流布局 Shusaku opening 秀策流布局 Star no Sorrow corner opening 星无忧角布局 komoku no Sorrow corner opening 小目无忧角布局

5)Learn Tesuji (Best Move):Contains 6000 questions 6)Learn Shitatsu (life and death):Contains 6000 questions 7)Learn Chuban (middle game):Contains 3000 questions 8)Learn Yose (end game):Contains 2000 questions

搜索关键词: 围棋 go igo goe weiqi weiki Baduk 布局 opening fuseki (Chinese fuseki) (Chinese opening) 网络课程包含下列内容: GO01 弈友围棋教室 ☆ (徐莹 老师讲解) Introduction ☆ GO03 少儿围棋入门教程 ☆ (邱百瑞老师讲解) Primary course ☆ GO02 围棋快速入门 ☆ (曹志林老师讲解) Quick start ☆ GO04 围棋布局 (很多 老师讲解) Fuseki (openning) GO05 围棋基本定式50型 (范 老师讲解) joseki GO06 围棋死活 (很多 老师讲解) Dead or alive GO07 围棋手筋 (很多 老师讲解) Tesuji GO08 围棋三日通 (宋满权老师讲解) Introduction 3 DAY GO09 小朋友快乐学围棋 ☆ (毛飞骅老师讲解) happy go game ☆ GO10 幼儿快乐学围棋 (西西 老师讲解) happy go go GO11 小博士学围棋动画版 (小博士 讲解) boy go girl go GO12 围棋启蒙动画教程 (天元围棋 讲解) Enlightenment of go animation GO13 儿童围棋启蒙讲座 (蒋锡久老师讲解) Children go enlightenment talks

GO14 围棋六日通 (李立泰老师讲解) Introduction 6 DAY GO15 定式以后的变化 (袁伟红老师讲解) joseki later GO16 天元围棋频道 ☆ (天元围棋 讲解) TianYuan GO TV ☆ GO17 围棋实战教程 (很多 老师讲解) Actual combat of GO GO18 围棋中级教程 (王元 老师讲解) go intermediate course GO19 围棋第一步 (金志明老师讲解) GO step one(Korean but use chinese) GO20 走走弈棋 (梅泽由香里讲解) GO GO IGO (Japan) GO21 魔法围棋 (杨佑家老师讲解) Magic go GO22 骗着怪着破解 (吴新宇老师讲解) trick play GO23 常型讲座 (吴新宇老师讲解) Common shape talks GO24 围棋骗招攻略 (网络 老师讲解) go trick play GO25 围棋快乐学堂 (婷婷 老师讲解) happy go class GO26 围棋实战视频(中国流布局) Chinese opening GO27 围棋实战视频(迷你中国流) Mini Chinese opening GO28 围棋实战视频(星位无忧角) Star no Sorrow corner opening GO29 围棋实战视频(小林流布局) Kobayashi opening GO30 围棋实战视频(星小目布局) hoshi-komoku_fuseki GO31 围棋实战视频(二连星布局) hoshi-hoshi_fuseki GO32 围棋实战视频(其他类布局) other_fuseki

<<<怎样下围棋 How to play go包含下列内容>>>>

用30分钟学会下围棋1(英文讲座) go basic 1 用30分钟学会下围棋2(英文讲座) go basic 2 用30分钟学会下围棋3(英文讲座) go basic 3 用30分钟学会下围棋4(英文讲座) go basic 4 布局原理1_金角银边草肚皮 Principle of fuseki(opening) 布局原理2_守角的基本方法 corner enclosure 布局原理3_挂角的基本方法 approach move 布局原理4_占大场基本方法1 large fuseki point 1 布局原理4_占大场基本方法2 large fuseki point 2 布局原理5_定式的基本方法 Joseki 布局原理6_夹攻的基本方法 pincer 布局原理7_开拆的基本方法 extension 常见布局1_星位无忧角布局 Star no Sorrow corner opening 常见布局2_中国流布局 Chinese opening (Chinese fuseki) 常见布局3_迷你中国流布局 Mini Chinese opening 吃子1 Capture 1 吃子2 Capture 2 吃子3 Capture 3 吃子4 Capture 4 吃子5 Capture 5 征子1 ladder 1 征子2 ladder 2(If you don't know ladders, don't play Go.) 征子3 ladder 3(If you don't know ladders, don't play Go.) 枷吃1 geta(net)1 枷吃2 geta(net)2 (Nets are better than ladders.) 打劫1 ko 1 打劫2 ko 2 (If you don't like Ko don't Play Go.) 官子1 yose 1 官子2 yose 2 官子3 yose 3 数目 territories 贴目 komi 挂角方向的选择 Approach from the wider side. 开拆方向的选择 Block on the wider side. 拆兼夹的好点 Combine a pincer with an extension. 死眼气序列 eye and liberty 点眼分眼和灭眼 eye shape and nakade 真眼和假眼1 true eye and false eye 1 真眼和假眼2 true eye and false eye 2 真眼和假眼3 true eye and false eye 3 真眼和假眼4 true eye and false eye 4 死活和双活1 life and death 1 死活和双活2 life and death 2 连接1 link 1 连接2 link 2 切断 cut 长气的基本技术 Prolong liberty 紧气的基本技术 shortage of liberties 扑和倒扑 接不归1 Throw-in snapback Oiotoshi 1 扑和倒扑 接不归2 Throw-in snapback Oiotoshi 2 扑和倒扑 接不归3 Throw-in snapback Oiotoshi 3 金鸡独立 猴子翻山 Chicken Monkey 老鼠偷油 黄莺扑蝶 mouse Oriole 相思断 Double crosscut to connect 大头鬼 stone tower(big head ghost) 倒脱靴 Under the Stones(ishi-no-shita) 形方必点 遇点莫接 peep Square 滚打包收 Throw-in and atari(Squeeze tesuji) 有眼杀瞎 eye and Blind 大眼杀小眼 big eye and small eye 三眼两做 three eye space make two eye 连环劫 Serial ko 二子头软必需扳 bane at the head of two stones. 左右同型棋在中间 Play on the point of symmetry. 双单形现定靠单 The doubble single shape 矩形护断虎输飞 Connection( Protecting the cut) 两方有情方可断 Cutting techniques 断哪边吃哪边 Capture the cutting stones. 虎口遇扳常单退 Tiger's mouth

四路遇断常单跳 cut in 4 line 多弃一子能出棋 discard stones 棋成愚形效率低 The empty triangle is bad shape. 敌之要点我要占 The opponent's vital point is my vital point. 腾挪要用靠 Use contact moves for defence. 镇以飞应 Answer the capping play with a knight's move. 下不好就脱先 Tenuki is always an option. 杀棋要用扳 There is death in the hane. 金柜角是打劫 The carpenter's square becomes ko. 二一之处多妙手 Strange things happen at the one two point. 遇靠用扳 Respond to attachment with hane. 扭十字长一方 Crosscut then extend. 凡跳无恶手 The one-point jump is never bad. 切断小飞要用跨 Strike at the waist of the keima. 单关不要轻易挖断 Don't try to cut the one-point jump. 穿破小飞是大棋 Cutting right through a knight's move is very big. 断点勿刺 Do not peep at cutting points. 低效连接要用刺 Even a moron connects against a peep. 勿刺双关竹节 Don't peep at both sides of a bamboo joint. 以早提被征吃的棋子为妙 Take off stones captured in a ladder, at the earliest opportunity. 不要忘记肩冲 Never ignore a shoulder hit. 点在3子中间 Play at the centre of three stones. 急所胜于大场 Urgent points before big points. 厚势勿近 Play away from thickness. 厚势不要用来围地 Don't use thickness to make territory. 以攻击取地 Make territory while attacking. 逼敌近坚垒 Force the enemy into a strong fortification. 天王山在敌我摸样的交界处 The largest point is at the boundary of your moyo and the opponent's moyo. 开花1朵三十目 A ponnuki is worth thirty points. 活棋之前别忘记先手利 Play kikashi before living. 补棋尽量抢先手 Beware of going back to patch up. 赢棋别闹事 A rich man should not pick quarrels. 先把拳头收紧再攻击 Make a fist before striking. 加强自己敌自弱 Strengthening your own weak group makes your opponent's weaker. 攻击要用夹 Attach to the stronger stone in a pincer. 攻击勿靠太近 Don't attach when attacking. 攻紧宜宽 To attack tight , do so loosely. To attack loose, do so tightly. 李代桃僵,弃子转换 Sacrifice plums for peaches. 棋长1尺无眼自活 Big dragons never die. 让对手拿走他该得的 Give your opponent what he wants. 一方地要不得 Avoid ippoji. 不做亏本交换 Don't trade a dollar for a penny. 初棋无劫 There are no ko threats in the opening. 先角后边 Use the corner to conquer the side. 莫要后推车 Don't push from behind. 棋从断处生1 Opportunity via the place where cutting occurs.1 棋从断处生2 Opportunity via the place where cutting occurs.2 遇劫先提 Try to get first capture in a ko. 两扳长一气 Two hanes gain a liberty. 腾挪要用靠 Use contact moves for defence. 七死八活在2路 Six die eight live 四死六活在3路 Four die but six live

遇刺必接 Connect against a peep

象眼尖穿忌两行,飞柔制劲 eye of the elephant 两打同情不打,推敲扳虎兼长 not atari 立二拆三搭配好,高高低低合棋理 From a two-stone wall, extend three. 莫压四路休爬二,七子沿边活也输 donot push 4 road 压强不要去压弱,声东目的在击西 Press down on strong stones, not weak ones. 敌强欲削宜浅侵,进退有路方为宜 Keshi is worth as much as an invasion. 逃要关来追要飞,逢方必点逢镇飞 to escape, play the one-point jump.To chase, play the keima. 棋精再少要保护,轻子该弃就要弃 protection of important stones 宁输数子,勿失一先。 Better lose a few stones than to lose sente. 两生勿断,皆活勿连。 Don't try to cut two live groups, don't try to connect two live groups. 声东击西 缠绕攻击 Make a feint to the east for attacking the west. 贪不得胜 The greedy do not get success

入界宜缓 Be unhurried to enter opponent′s territory 攻彼顾我 Take care of oneself when attacking others 弃子争先 Discard stones to gain sente 舍小就大 Abandon small to save big 逢危须弃 When in danger, sacrifice 慎勿轻速 Make thick shape, avoid hasty moves 动须相应 A move must respond to the opponent′s 彼强自保 Against strong positions, play safely 势孤取和 Look for peace, avoid fighting in an isolated or weak situation 凡义当争一着净 Key tips of go 精华已竭多堪弃 Key tips of go 劳逸攸关少亦图 Key tips of go 静能制动劳输逸 Key tips of go 三方无应莫存孤 Key tips of go 取重舍轻方得胜 Key tips of go 休贪假利除他病 Key tips of go 势分入腹路皆公 Key tips of go 莫恋呆棋受敌创 Key tips of go 阻渡生根 托二宜其边已固 Key tips of go 镇头大而含笼 尖路小以阻渡 Key tips of go 起手据边隅 Key tips of go 两番收腹成犹小 七子延边活也输 Key tips of go 立二拆三三拆四 攻虚宜紧紧宜宽 Key tips of go 后先有变机从紧 Key tips of go 入腹争正面 Key tips of go 马步镇逼常单跨 双单形见定靠单 Key tips of go 逸劳互易忙须夺 Key tips of go 实本攻虚柔克刚 Key tips of go

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