Pakistan Go Federation

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If the internet is to be believed, Pakistan seems to have a Go Federation - see their [ext] website. The board positions in the Gallery, and possibly the trophy indicate that they enjoy Petanque Go. :)

tapir: The pictures look rather fishy. (Look the first and second picture of 2009, the same random board with stones poured out over it and not even on the intersections but changing players pretending to play.) In short, I doubt there was a go championship in Pakistan in 2008 to 2010.

BadShape: I agree. That site has almost zero substantive content. No one I know who plays go like that, and the prominently placed adverts incline one to think it is just a virtual revenue generation scheme. Check the board in the front of [ext] It is blurred but I counted 3 times, and each time I got 19x18! My wife said those guys look they are waiting for a meal. Why stage a fake go championship? What a lot of effort just for a bogus website.

tapir: Yes, I was asking myself the same question lot of effort for a bogus website. I don't know whether they approached anyone (likely in Korea, Japan, IGF or so) for tournament invitations or sponsorship. But the adverts in itself won't generate much income, Go isn't that popular after all.

BadShape: Possibly significant use of dinner plates as go bowls. I've just dispatched an Email. If I end up funding them, you'll know they have Nigerian strength mind control powers.

2012 July - The domain name has expired. The whole bizarre site now gone. So weird. I wish I'd kept a photo of their 'tournament'...

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