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On September 17th, 2002, CharlesMatthews created Sensei's Library page number 3000 : Takeda Hiroyoshi (part of NamesInGo).

It took the fellow deshis of SL an unbelievably short time of less than three months to create another brilliant thousand pages of content since page number 2000.

Although Morten tried to get an edge by putting the FAQ on SL, he was outpaced by CharlesMatthews and SAS 1:5. A special thanks to Charles and SAS!

For reference: as of today (2002-09-21) following people are listed to have modified/created this amount pages since 2002-07-09 (the day of page number 2000):

Deshi         modified pages
SAS                 556
CharlesMatthews     489
Unkx80              124
MortenPahle          98
DieterVerhofstadt    77

Morten and I would like to thank all of the people who have contributed and who are still contributing. We feel honored to be your hosts.

-- ArnoHollosi

Page Number 3000 last edited by CharlesMatthews on November 11, 2002 - 14:34
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