Opening Systematic Classification / Dieters Proposal

I propose to classify opening patterns (fuseki) according to the first four moves, assuming they are either star points or 3-4 points. That already makes for ~70 different distributions, including symmetry. Usually, openings are classified from Black's perspective, as Black has the initiative. We usually don't differentiate White's choices to play 4-4 or 3-4 and so we can simplify the classification by assuming two white star points.

Four star points

Parallel star points  

Parallel star point opening?, which can lead into the san ren sei opening? at a.

Diagonal star points  

Diagonal star point opening?

One 3-4 point

Parallel facing  

This leads to the Chinese opening, a or the Kobayashi opening, b.

Parallel non-facing  

This can lead into the orthodox opening?, a, or the small Chinese opening, b.


Due to symmetry, there's only one diagonal pattern with one 3-4 stone.

Two 3-4 points

Parallel facing (mukai komoku)  
Parallel non-facing  

(to be explored as it looks very awkward and rare)

Parallel mixed  
Diagonal facing same star point  
Diagonal facing different star point  

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