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You might want to look at [ext] the OGS-based FAQ.

Additional FAQs for the new OGS:

What rating system does OGS use?
A modified [ext] ELO. Similar to the rating system used by the EGF. See also [ext] ELO used in Go. For K, the following formula is used:
K = kfactorScale * (122 - 6 * r100 + r100 * r100 / 15)
where r100 = rating / 100
and kfactorScale is 1 for 19x19, 0.5 for 13x13, and 0.25 for 9x9
Why isn't the Analyze Game option available in my game?
If you are playing a tournament game, the setting is determined by the tournament director upon the creation of the tournament. Games played on a ladder will always have this option disabled. It is also possible for the game creator to turn analysis off when creating the game. However, analysis is enabled for spectators.
How do I turn sound on/off?
Click on the speaker to the left of the board. Your preference will be remembered for other boards, though you may have to close and reopen them.
Is there an Android/iOS app?
A beta android app will be released Very Soon (relative to 2013-10-22). An iOS app is planned. Users report that playing through a browser on most tablets works well.
What is the OGS policy on escaping?
There is no official policy. Currently, if you leave a game your time will continue to run and you will eventually lose on timeout. If you are having connection issues try to notify your opponent and there is a pause option that can be used until the connection situation is resolved.
What is the pause button for?
Pause is similar to adjournment. You and your opponent can agree on a time to come back and finish a game. Pause can also be used to add time to your opponents clock. Simply pause the game to allow them more time to move. Either player can resume the game.
How do I change my profile picture?
Profile images are controlled by [ext] Gravatar. Sign up for a Gravatar account using the same email address that you use to log into OGS.
How do I see all games being played? The [ext] Observe Games page only shows live games.
The ability to browse correspondence games will be added soon. The devs apologize for it taking a while to get that worked out.

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