Non-contact go

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Non-contact go is a go variant which is identical to normal go with the addition of a rule preventing plays which would result in two opposite-colour stones adjacently touching.

This could either continue for the entire game, or for a set number of moves (e.g. the first 100).

Harry?: What would this game be like to play?!

Surely "Contact Go" -- you must always play adjacent to a stone of the opposite colour (alternatively adjacent to any stone!) -- would be more fun!? At least it allows capture, and the territory looks more like the territory in real Go than does the "territory" in non-contact go ....

What is the motivation for adding this page, with little to support the idea that it might even be interesting?

unkx80: If I understand correctly, such a variant eliminates all possible captures, and then the way territory can be made seems extremely restricted (e.g., territory on the side must be made by connecting stones on the second line). Sounds anything but fun.

Dieter: All played stones are alive and have a very short but strong range of influence. The concept of territory is not so important. The game is full of diagonals.

unkx80: Keimas are also possible. =)

Tapir: Without contact, capturing is impossible, without capturing the whole concept of life and death is meaningless since each stone placed on the board is alive. Without dead stones, it is somehow useless to talk about territory. The only viable goal i can imagine is, who can place more stones on the board wins. Or the first player to pass loses - I'm sure this will be white.


Bill: Well, if the first player without a legal move loses, White does. But note that Black has enclosed a point where he can move, but White cannot. Arguably, that is Black's territory. :)

White wins  

Bill: B1 is a mistake, since White can play mirror go and get the last move.

First the corners, . . .  

Bill: Black can win this way, too, but with one point of territory less than in the first diagram.

drobaion?:If you allow suicide, this allow capture on this variant.

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