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Another Korean Go Server - [ext] Neostone. Not comparable with say, Tygem, in popularity, but it has been told to have 5000 players, and a couple of pros.

More precisely, the same server also has Chinese interface and Chinese players, and it seems that it used to have [ext] English interface.

Currently, however you must have a Korean SSN to register. And its client, surprise-surprise, is only for Windows.

More information welcome.

Barry: The Chinese interface is called [ext] Qing Feng It is almost impossible to install without a Chinese (Windows) system. There are a good number of players in the Chinese rooms.

ZeroKun: I used the English version not too long ago, or was it....Anyway, it died recently I guess. When I was on it was pretty big, more so than any server I've ever been to, the top room had about 5000 players in it. I can't remember much about the interface though.

K?:Very strong server. I once got to 3dan in wbaduk, but i am struggling to win against 1 kyu here. almost all players play aggressively but with a very solid foundation. i played from the chinese server on android(qingfeng), they have a very good system in counting the game. you basically no need to remove the dead stone since the computer will do it for you in no time. which is very good since this system leave no room for cheaters. speaking of cheaters i havent found any quitter in this server either. -- Page created by Helger

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