Neil's game


jfc: commentary on a game between

YTH16 and Neil

Moves 1 to 6  

Moves 7 to 12  

jfc: The high move of B1 here is inconsistent with the shimari in the lower right. 'A' would be better. (Dieter: is that so?)

I think B5 gives a bad result. B or C are the obvious moves with black chosing a high or low position that complements the stone at B1 or A. With B5 white gets to divide Q10 and B5 with the play at W6. (Dieter: B5 is very bad: it is an invitation to be cut apart)

Moves 13 to 18  

Moves 19 to 24  

jfc: If black can cut white apart in the upper right then he may get a fair result. If white is successful at making a strong wall and completely enclosing black then the result favors white.

Moves 25 to 30  

jfc: Blacks corner is big but most strong players would prefer to have white's strong wall.

Dieter: Black's corner is small (about 10 points assuming White endgame). The result is a disaster for Black. B5 is a nonsensical move: if Black plays there at all, he should cut at W6. White better postponess W6 and patch up his wall at a (my preference) or play actively at b.

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