The holy grail of Go Problems, my attempt  

Herman Hiddema: My attempt, is this correct?

MrTenuki (KGS 3k): Please provide all possible variations and explain why optimal play is achieved by both sides. Also, please state your assumptions (e.g. Japanese rules, komi 6.5 ;-)

The holy grail of Go Problems, my attempt  

Sorry Herman, Your solution isn't correct. Suppose the following continuation:

It is clear the claims on the board are perfectly balanced. Also note that white has 6,5 point komi. This is the base situation.

Now white will win this game by 6,5 point (or 5,5 points if black gets the last move) which follows directly from mathematical induction, as everyone who studied mathematics should know.

For those who didn't, it is easy to see black felt behind a little. Black should claim more area (7 points) to win the game, due to the komi. There's no change in claimed area though, whilst the game got closer to the end by two moves. And every player knows the decreasing value of each move during the game. So it will be more difficult to get ahead. All white has to do is to keep the area claims in balance to win by 6,5 points.

Position after move 1 (B1 = tenuki)  

Anonymous: It appears Black can force a win by playing tenuki.

jvloenen: This problem has been presented to a top professional once (unfortunately I can't find his name at the moment). He didn't hesitate for a single moment, placed a stone on the goban and said "I win".

Herman: I remember a similar story (maybe the same?):

Sakata Eio was once asked by a reporter what the best opening move was. Sakata, without hesitation, claimed that it was 4-3. When asked why, he placed a stone on the board at 4-3, and told the reporter: "Prove me wrong..."

Willemien but here it is at the 4-4 point. so there are atleast 2 different opinions. or is there somewhere a bug i the translation?

jvloenen: This is the Attempts page, and not the solution page. And above all Herman does not claim to win.

ThorAvaTahr: How about, black starts playing shogi?

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