Most Difficult Problem

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According to the EGF rating scheme, a shodan professional (1p) has a rating of 2700, going up 30 points per professional rank, such that a 9p player would have a rating of 2940. Now, Hideo Otake has [ext] said that he might have a good chance against God (who always makes the perfect move) with a handicap of three stones. This would make God a 12p with a rating of 3030.

Bill: No, it would not. A one stone difference appears to equate to 100 points by this scheme. (Three or four pro ranks make one stone difference.)

Besides, there are 9-dans and 9-dans. Otake is one of the best. Maybe God has a 3500 rating. ;-)

This might indicate that an EGF rating of 3000 is beyond mortals.

Or at least take some time. 9-dan ratings are "preety new" and for what we know, we should be expecting pros to become stronger and stronger. So the divine move might be well beyond a rating of 3000! Reuven

Bill: 9-dans are hardly new. What is new is having a lot of them. My guess is that the average 9-dan of today is about as strong as the average 7-dan of the 19th century. Most of the meijin of the past would rate 3000 or more on this scale today.

9 dan rank is new. And they weren't as strong compared to players of our time because go has advanced. It may not be as clear to amatuers but I'm sure it is for pros...

Anonymous: Unfortunately due to Deepmind's recent efforts with AlphaGo and AlphaZero it is quite easy for computer go engines and bots to surpass a rating 3000 or 3500, yet they are nowhere near being God or solving go, so this joke falls flat.

If that is so, then this must be the ultimate Go problem with a rating of 3000:

The holy grail of Go Problems, notable since although being the most complex to solve, it is the easiest known problem to set up...  

Black to move and win the game.


If Shusaku was still around, he'd yawn and ask: "What's this procedure called again, you invented recently[1][2]?"

Mef: I'm sure god would have a sense of humor and pass, then challenge you to find the line that refutes his solution.

nachtrabe To pass again, then I've gotten a jigo against G-d!

[1] about 60 years ago

Bill: No, komi is older than that. It's standard use in even games goes back around 60 years, though.

[2] komidashi

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