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Tao of Go is the fundamental principles of Go and Go players that are true at all times and places. For example,


  • Komi doesn’t determine the player’s strength or Go performance but may affect the players’s strategy and the game results.
  • Elo rating and Dan rankings are game-results based performance assessment, not move quality-based assessment. Moreover, the former’s rating results are influenced by the opponent’s performance; a 9 dan player can be the invincible in his time because there is no stronger rivals in his time, not because he is the strongest player in history.

Go Players

  • A player at his or her peak plays better moves than the same player not at his or her peak.
  • Most Go players play better at the opening than the middle game.
  • Some game records of ancient players may not be the records of games played by the actual player.
  • Each of the Six Supers Japanese Go players is at his peak in the year he won most major titles simultaneously.
  • There are AIs that can defeat all human Go players in both 9x9 and 19x19 board sizes.
  • Prior to 1988, Japanese major titles are harder to achieve than the international titles. After that, the Six Supers had passed their peak performance, not because the top Korean players are stronger at their peaks, based on the superhuman performance analysis.

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