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My name is Martin Jelonek. (aka Schnuggelschnegge or Chibiusa or Der Krasse Gierige Onkel)
I'm a 1kyu from Germany and I live in a city near Dortmund called Kamen.
I'm playing Go since July 2002 and you can meet me on KGS (my nick is Maddin).
Sometimes I play on IGS as Maddin. Regulary I play Go since my first tournament in Bochum in october.
Sometimes you can meet me in Dortmund in the cafe "Le Chat Noir" where go can be played every thursday.

My goal is to reach Dan bevore I finish school in two years. But it seems, I got stuck at my 5kyu for some month.

Now I am a Shodan, so I reached my goal. EDIT: I haven't played Go for 2 years now.. I tried to play but I've forgotten so much basics, so I'll rank myself back to 1kyu.

I also have a disciple on KGS. It's Ramune? and I'm proud to see his advancement. She seems to reach 10kyu soon. But he don't play so often, because he is often busy.

I made a Hikaru no Go AMV (Anime Musicvideo) you can download on [ext]

Whiskey: I removed the whole site so the AMV is no longer available.

I don't like to play Go with a sense of sport.. it is still a game (and in my opinion there are much better games than go).. But as long you accept my opinion I see no problems. :)

You can talk to me in three languages: German, English and Polish :)

I'm looking forward for feedbacks :)

Here my details once more:

Name: Martin Jelonek
Nickname: Maddin
KGS: Maddin
IGS: Maddin
strength: 1k (European rating)
Disciple: Ramune? on KGS

Friends on SL:
Michael Drewing
Fabian Bambusch
Thomas Buchholz

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