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- - Heyho^^

- My name is Martin Jelonek. (aka Schnuggelschnegge or Chibiusa or Der Krasse Gierige Onkel)

- I'm a 1kyu from Germany and I live in a city near Dortmund called Kamen.

- I'm playing Go since July 2002 and you can meet me on KGS (my nick is Maddin).

- Sometimes I play on IGS as Maddin.

- Regulary I play Go since my first tournament in Bochum in october.

- Sometimes you can meet me in Dortmund in the cafe "Le Chat Noir" where go can be played every thursday.

- - - - My goal is to reach Dan bevore I finish school in two years. - But it seems, I got stuck at my 5kyu for some month.

- - Now I am a Shodan, so I reached my goal. - EDIT: I haven't played Go for 2 years now.. I tried to play but I've forgotten so much basics, so I'll rank myself back to 1kyu.

- - I also have a disciple on KGS. It's Ramune? and I'm proud to see his advancement. She seems to reach 10kyu soon. - But he don't play so often, because he is often busy.

- - I made a Hikaru no Go AMV (Anime Musicvideo) you can download on [ext]

- - Whiskey: I removed the whole site so the AMV is no longer available.

- - I don't like to play Go with a sense of sport.. it is still a game (and in my opinion there are much better games than go).. - But as long you accept my opinion I see no problems. :)

- - You can talk to me in three languages: German, English and Polish :)

- - I'm looking forward for feedbacks :) - - Here my details once more:

- - Name: Martin Jelonek
- Nickname: Maddin
- KGS: Maddin
- IGS: Maddin
- strength: 1k (European rating)
- Disciple: Ramune? on KGS

- Friends on SL:
- Michael Drewing
- Fabian Bambusch
- Thomas Buchholz
- Skadi

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