Made a 9x9 goban and mini shogiban

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Made a 9x9 goban and mini shogiban on reverse side by use a Walnut Hollowę product called Basswood Country Rounds« large size. I used a grid print out from a spreadsheet program to place alignment dots with a pencil. Then lines with a permanent marker, a Sharpie«, and ruler to make grid lines, and cooridinates. Hoshi points were made by using the hole in binder paper and pencil to outline a circle, then used the permanent marke over that. Next, sealed it with polyurethane spray in three coats. The shogi pieces are from [ext] Yellow Mountain Imports.

Goban 9x9

mini shogiban, obverse side

Turned a TV dinner stand into a round floor goban. Wrote the lines by a permanent marker, then sealed with spray polyurethane, cut the legs short, drilled and bolted a new pivoting point. The height is now 12 inches. [ext] Link for a round go printable board pdf file

Easy to make homemade round floor goban

My toddler daughter can use it as a table too!

Easy to make homemade round floor goban, alternative view.

Makes other table boards into floor boards like a 19x19 table goban, shogiban, or a Grand Chess board.

Easy to make homemade floor goban adaptor for table gobans.

Easy to make homemade floor gameboard adaptor for table chess boards.

[ext] For the Grand Chess board, I made reversi pieces for 10x10 reversi by painting then gluing two wooden disks together, can also use the pieces to play 11x11 go, and international checkers.

Out of corner molding, I made Stratego ® like pieces that I can put a label of the piece value on. That way it can be changed if a particular wood piece stain or grain pattern becomes associated with what the piece is. The natural color pieces are movable terrain barriers.

I also can add shogi or chess labels to the pieces to make for a Stratego® variant of chess or shogi, even Grand chess.

Alternative games to play on a 10x10 Grand chess board, strategos, strategos chess, strategos shogi, 10x10 reversi, international checkers, and 11x11 go.

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