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Lysander Daringer

A player relatively new to Go, having taken to the game in earnest (ie: progressing past the 16kyu level) in only very late 2009.

Lysander was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA on October 14th, 1985. He didn't start Go (sadly) until after having seen a semi-popular anime series on the internet in 2004. He learned the game and played it with friends and computer opponents, treating it as nothing more than an anime-related hobby for years. He never played on KGS or other internet servers, out of an ingrained dislike for confrontation and competition, and his minor needs were easily met with computer programs like -Aya-.

In 2008, however, things began to change when Lysander co-founded a local community group relating closely to the appreciation of Japanese culture. After a few seemingly innocuous conversations with its members the following year, and their discovery that he was familiar, if not strong, with the game of 'iGo', a small group of interested parties demanded that he teach them. In an effort to do so, and suffering from a general lack of resources, ties were quickly created with the AGA (American Go Association) in order to obtain the Go sets needed to play on. Lysander, his passion for Go fanned intensely by recent events, started to play on KGS under the handle 'LysanderD', and within a month or two had progressed from 16kyu to 10kyu with naught but casual playing- though much of his free time was spent studying the game and reading books on the infinitely deep universe contained within it.

As of now, April 2010, LysanderD is KGS 9/10kyu, and is struggling to break the barrier into truly becoming an 'SDK'. He continues to teach those members who have chosen to take Go seriously in his local community.


Lysander currently favours a star-point, 4-5 opening sequence for black, while remaining more open to any possibilities given the situation when taking white. He has quite a bit of experience (ie: most of his progression from 16 to 10kyu) in playing sanrensei, but no longer plays it in favour of battle-oriented matches rather than 'who has the biggest moyo'.

His greatest desire at this moment is to find a teacher who does not charge for the effort (rare though it is), and to find both friends and rivals amongst Go players in the international as well as local community. He feels that a number of consistent opponents with whom he can easily share ideas, and struggle to either stay ahead of, or catch up to, would be of great benefit.

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