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LovedInEmerald I just got myself into a less than ideal position stemming from my response to B5 (or to B3, I have just realised). Was my response wrong or did I just not follow it up correctly? (probably both but hey :p). Thanks in advance for any input :D. Cya!

Note: W4 actually looks worse in conjunction with W6 as you are then left with an underpowered extension: see bottom of page for more details.

19x19 diagram  

BobMcGuigan: Not a dumb question at all! Your move at W6 shows the good intention of keeping your stones connected. Actually, W4 was unusual. In this position W4 is not so good. The usual answer would be W4 in the diagram below. Then B5 would either be at a or b, and then White would extend to c or d on the upper side. This would be a good development for White because the white stones on the upper side would have a stable shape while Black's upper right corner would still be open to invasion.

19x19 diagram  

The moves you played made your stones too close together (heavy) without definitely having a base, so they could become a target for attack.

LovedInEmerald Yet again I would like to add a couple of things which I've learned since asking this question (obvious as they may sound :p).

W4 in the first diagram was weak because when the opponent plays tsuke then you must consider that by not responding with a hane or by adding to the initial stone then you lose a move locally (meaning the position becomes as though you had made an unsupported tsuke play).

If you alter the move order of the initial diagram it becomes obvious that W4 (in the first diagram) is an unnatural move as W6 is an inevitable part of that sequence if you want to avoid sacrifice. You would obviously not want to play W4 as below for two reasons 1) it leaves your position very flat and 2) it would be clumsy even assuming you were allowed to play at one of the marked points (I would say this is a fairly optimistic assumption as well). Clearly a play at a works better with the marked points than one at W4 (below) as it makes an approach more difficult. W4 in the diagram below would actually prove to be even worse than my initial play as with B5 at one of the marked points you would then be unable to play 44 point lowapproach diagonalcontact thenpincer.

19x19 diagram  

Think that's about it for adding to this one... only 500 more to go :p.

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